Definitions for "Copier"
a machine that makes copies of documents, especially by xerography; a photocopier; as, to run twenty copies off on the copier.
apparatus that makes copies of typed, written or drawn material
a machine for photographically reproducing copies of written, printed, or graphic material quickly and cheaply
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a device which sits on top of the SNES and allows you to backup your cartridges as well as play your backed up games
An imitator; one who imitates an example; hence, a plagiarist.
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an utility which is able to extract audio/music files from a CDXA image-file
Keywords:  transcriber, writes, original, one
One who copies; one who writes or transcribes from an original; a transcriber.
Equipment for automatically making separate copies from plain paper originals.
an essential piece of technology used daily by businesses both small and large