Definitions for "cop "
Coefficient of Performance. Measurement of the steady-state performance of electrically operated systems, including ground-source heat pumps. It is the ratio of useful-energy output to purchased-energy input. Can also refer to gas-fired systems.
The ratio of heating or cooling provided by a heat pump (or other refrigeration machine) to the energy consumed by the system under designated operating conditions. The higher the COP, the more efficient the system.
See Chapter 12, Efficiency Ratings, for more information.
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A conical or conical-ended mass of coiled thread, yarn, or roving, wound upon a spindle, etc.
A tube or quill upon which silk is wound.
caps: A conical mass of thread, etc, wound on a spindle.
Community Options Program. A state-funded program that provides long term care in home and community based settings. Funds are used to pay expenses not covered by the MA home and community based services waivers and to serve clients who are not eligible for Waivers.
Community Options Program -- The long term care community options program screens persons who are at risk of entering a nursing home or state Center for the Developmentally Disabled to determine whether they can be served by noninstitutional, community-based services. The program provides for both assessment of persons to determine if community-based services are appropriate and funding for eligible, low-income persons to obtain those services necessary to remain at home or in the community. COP is funded solely by state general purpose revenues; the COP waiver program utilizes state/federal Medicaid funding.
Abbreviation for communities of practice.
Column-Oriented Processing. This is a class of database that is quite different to, but is nevertheless sometimes confused with, OLAP. COP databases perform high speed row counting and filtering at a very detailed level, using column-based structures, rather than rows, tables or cubes. COPs analyze detail and then occasionally aggregate the results, whereas OLAPs are largely used to report and analyze aggregated results with occasional drilling down to detail. Although less well known and recognized than OLAP, COP databases have also been in use for more than 30 years (for example, TAXIR), which means that, just like OLAP, they predate relational databases. COP products are used for very different applications to OLAP and examples include Alterian, Sand Nucleus, smartFOCUS, Sybase IQ, Synera, etc.
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A policeman.
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Same as Merlon.
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Colombian Peso
take into custody; "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"
a fellow Scorpio who is a full-time mother and (presumably) married to a police officer
Contaminantes Org& nicos Persistentes
(Conference of Parties) The COP is the governing body of the CBD and advances implementation of the CBD through decisions it takes at its periodic meetings.
Conference of the Parties
Conference of Parties. The supreme body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change . It comprises more than 170 nations that have ratified the Convention. The COP's role is to promote and review the implementation of the Convention. (Source: Adapted from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
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Cop is a 1988 movie starring James Woods and Lesley Ann Warren. It is based on the book Blood on the Moon by James Ellroy.
Certificates of Participation – Capital improvement/equipment leases structured as revenue bonds with annual rent payments. In some instances the rental payments may only come from earmarked tax revenues or tolls and do not obligate the issuer to multi-year obligations.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION. An instrument evidencing a pro rata share in a specific pledged revenue stream, usually lease payments by the issuer that are subject to annual appropriation.  The certificate generally entitles the holder to receive a share, or participation, in the lease payments from a particular project.  The lease payments are passed through the lessor to the certificate holders.  The lessor typically assigns the lease and lease payments to a trustee, which then distributes the lease payments to the certificate holders.  Compare:  LEASE RENTAL BOND.  See:  ABATEMENT CLAUSE; NON-APPROPRIATION CLAUSE.
Form of combination chemotherapy comprised of cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisone
common operational picture
Common Operating Picture
Collaborative Operations Planning
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The top of a thing; the head; a crest.
a crest of flesh on the head of a bird
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Cop is the second album by the No Wave band Swans. The album is considered to be an improvement on their previous LP, Filth. It is most often described musically as "heavy metal in slow motion".
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ASL Browser
To secretly grab ahold of something that has been hidden.
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take by theft; "Someone snitched my wallet!"
Circulation of equipment parts in a tank washer after dissemble. Generally the parts are placed in a tank and the parts are cleaned by circulation of the cleaning solution in the cleaning tank.
Crystal Originated Pits
crystal originated particle. a surface depression that is formed during soft alkaline chemical treatment of silicon wafer surfaces that contain crystal defects at or close to the wafer surface and that scatters light similarly to a very small particle. [ASTM F1241] Also called surface micro defect.
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See gambler's cop.
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Circle of Protection: X. There have been multiple versions of the Circle of Protection, being Circle of Protection: Red, Circle of Protection: Green, Circle of Protection: White, Circle of Protection: Blue, Circle of Protection: Black, Circle of Protection: Shadow, and the Unhinged version, Circle of Protection: Art. [ edit
The currency of Colombia. ISO international currency code: COP. Learn...
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cop is a TCL/Tk tool to generate the body tag in HTML documents with its attributes .
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To steal chips from the pot.
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to get, to obtain (see collar and knock).
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No, this is not the a person who goes after the bad guys. COP stands for Center of Pen. See Center of Pen.
a registered charitable organization that is funded solely by public donations
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Copenhagen Stock Exchange Core capital
A self-supporting PACKAGE of YARN which does not have a core through its center.
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Needs copyright compliance
Council of Presidents [University Presidents.
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Code predicted (orbit)
Code of Practice
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command observation post
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Coordination and Planning
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purchase or otherwise obtain drugs
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Continuation Of Pay
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Abbreviation for: change-over point Fr: COP
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Change of Plan Form