Definitions for "Coordinator"
n. in conjunction with a pair of doors, a device designed to cause the inactive leaf to close first
A device used on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf closes first, before the active leaf. Necessary when an overlapping astragal is present, with certain exit device combinations and when automatic or self-latching bolts are used. Both door leaves must have closers.
A device used on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf is permitted to close before the active leaf. Necessary when an overlapping astragal is present and exit devices, automatic or self-latching bolts are used with closers on both door leaves.
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Staff assistant to the principal executive officer of a political subdivision with the duty of coordinating the emergency management programs of that political subdivision. See also political subdivision.
a staff member in the Office of Institutional Equity
a superset of the scout with additional duties and opportunities
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a FREE Voice Over HLA application that provides real-time voice communication over DMSO's HLA/RTI infrastructure
Coordinators are Tree of Life authors who oversee the development of the pages descending from their clade. Coordinators choose appropriate authors for subgroups and serve as associate editors for this particular section of the Tree. See Coordinators for a more detailed explanation.
Designated person at the call center who oversees the conference.
a human whose mental and physical abilities have been enhanced by genetical engineering
A user who has permission to configure user roles on a folder and to perform all author tasks. In an enhanced folder, coordinators can select an approval process, undo the check-out of a document, or end the publishing process by using the Cancel Publishing or Bypass Approval actions. Coordinators at the workspace level can also manage content sources, document profiles, categories, and subscriptions, and can customize the dashboard site.
A loose term for a volunteer who does anything from acting as a telephone contact to organizing and hosting functions. "
Name given for the person based at the Netcradle offices, who acts as the contact, support and administration of the consultant network
a system administrator that acts on behalf of one or more organizations identified by HUD as trusted business partners (e
an individual or organization who works with the Reporter and the Vendor to analyze and address the vulnerability
The individual responsible for reporting tag code data to PSMFC.
The technical support manager who coordinates the actions of other providers and administers the Trouble Ticket System.
a person who coordinates the technical aspects of network mail
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Individual who provides bottom-up support to an N3P GIG, working group or community team, or to the N3P Council.
a subcontractor to this project
This is the person who is coordinating the media project/activity.
The person responsible for the administration of an organization, project, event or production.
A person or agency responsible for assuring that planned services are provided in a timely manner and in a way that complements other services provided to a student.
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someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously
An investigator who supervises the operations of the clinical trial with respect to coordinating patient visits and trial procedures.
a gatherer and disseminator of INFORMATION
an individual or group that enters into an agreement with Service Canada to carry out contracted activities.
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a natural fit
a piece of equipment which can be used to control and/or program the performance of either an internal or an external sound source
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a paid position