Definitions for "Coordination"
ability to perform complex movements easily.
The harmonious functioning of muscles in the body to perform complex movements.
(co or di NA tion) n: harmonious functioning of parts for the most effective results Coordination ensures that the elements of planned action fit together.
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Coordination is c onsulting, cooperating, or working in concert with or at the request or suggestion of a candidate or party committee. Expenditures made in coordination with a candidate or party committee are treated as in-kind contributions to that candidate or party committee. They are subject to all the limits and disclosure requirements that apply to such contributions. BCRA overturned the FEC's existing regulations on coordinated spending on communications and ordered it to adopt new regulations on the subject. The FEC has since established a three-part test to determine whether a communication is coordinated. That test looks to (i) the source of the payment, (ii) the communication's content, and (iii) the interactions between the spender and the candidate or party committee or vendors used by them. The regulation is currently under judicial review.
Mechanisms for encouraging common action and/or communication among service sectors which remain separate and autonomous but which must act in concert to be truly effective.
The act of various muscles working together in a smooth concerted way; correct and precise timing of muscle contractions.
the grammatical relation of two constituents having the same grammatical form
Coordination involves the syntactic linking of two or more elements of equal status: [ John] and [ Mary] [ up] and [ down] David [ sings] and [ plays guitar] See also
In linguistics, a coordination is a complex syntactic structure that links together two or more elements, known as conjuncts. The conjuncts generally have similar grammatical features (e.g. syntactic category, semantic function), and the coordinated structure as a whole retains most of the same properties as the individual conjuncts, although it may introduce new features (e.g. plurality).
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The Coordination between pieces (figures and pawns) of a camp is another significant feature of a given position. One may easily recognize if White (Black) is Well Coordinated WWCO: (BWCO:) or if, at the contrary, White (Black) is Bad Coordinated WBCO: (BBCO:) (Classical Chess Theory).
A concise and clear definition of coordination is written in Coordination Theory (Malone and Crowston, 1991)"Coordination is the act of managing interdependencies between activities."
The process of systematically analyzing a situation, developing relevant information, and informing appropriate command authority of viable alternatives for selection of the most effective combination of available resources to meet specific objectives. The coordination process (which can be either intra- or inter-agency) does not involve dispatch actions. However, personnel responsible for coordination may perform command or dispatch functions within the limits established by specific agency delegations, procedures, legal authority, etc.
The process of bringing different parts or entities into functioning relationships with each other. In these guidelines, the term is used to describe the process of bringing together concerned government agencies, research institutions, municipalities, NGOs and resource users to agree on objectives, formulate strategies and subsequently implement them.
CENTER – Term used to describe any facility that is used for the coordination of agency or jurisdictional resources in support of one or more incidents.
A skill-related component of physical fitness that relates to the ability to use the senses, such as sight and hearing, together with body parts in performing motor tasks smoothly and accurately.
Includes both motor control and praxis (motor planning). Motor control is the ability to move with precision and smooth quality. Praxis is defined below.
blending of pitch and roll inputs to produce smooth turn.
Variable. Each point of this spell adds 1 point to Dexterity. Duration 5 minutes, of course.
refers to how like or linked activities performed in different locations are coordinated with each other. [Source: M. Porter] [Also see related topic: Configuration.
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A cooperative arrangement between transportation providers and organizations needing transportation services. Coordination models can range in scope from shared use of facilities, training or maintenance to integrated brokerages or consolidated transportation service providers.
Coordinating involves determining the time, place and sequence of operations or action to be taken on the basis of the analysis of data.