Definitions for "Coordinates"
Numbers that identify imaginary points on a reference system. Coordinates describe position in two or three dimensions.
are used to locate a person's position. For locating position in the continuum there are almost as many systems as there are means of travel. However, I find a short series of three values useful from a general point of view. In this view, koph is a realm's position between the infinite extremes of Amber and Chaos and corresponds to the 'Quantum Number' of GURPS Time Travel. Sigma is the arc occupied by a realm within its koph slice. Aleph is the distance from the realm to the direct line between Amber and Chaos.
The system of latitude and longitude which can specify locations on Earth's surface; check out this cool map engine.
Ensembles. Mostly blazer and trousers or blazer and skirt. A waiter's waistcoat can be added to the combination.
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a line drawn on maps and globes that is halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole
Comma separated list of Length s used in defining areas.
Pairs of numbers used to define the edges of the clickable areas in clickable image maps.
To guide, regulate, or adjust the interrelated and interdependent activities of individuals or functions of a unit(s) to facilitate a common action and to attain a common purpose or goal.
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Two or more designs related to each other in color, subject matter, and/or technique that are intended to be used together. Details...
Two or more papers designed and colored to be used together in the same or adjoining areas. Papers that blend with each other used to tie together two different rooms or walls, also used over and below chair rails.