Definitions for "Coordinate plane"
The number plane formed by two perpendicular number lines that intersect at their zero points (also called the Cartesian coordinate system)
a plane that is divided into four quadrants by drawing a vertical and a horizontal line that intersect at a point called the origin. Used for graphing ordered pairs, the coordinates .
(Cartesian) A plane with a point selected as an origin, some length selected as a unit of distance, and two perpendicular lines that intersect at the origin, with positive and negative direction selected on each line. Traditionally, the lines are called x (drawn from left to right, with positive direction to the right of the origin) and y (drawn from bottom to top, with positive direction upward of the origin). Coordinates of a point are determined by the distance of this point from the lines, and the signs of the coordinates are determined by whether the point is in the positive or in the negative direction from the origin.
an important tool for working with these equations