Definitions for "Cooler"
Keywords:  soda, ginger, rind, beverage, collins
Anything in or by which liquids or other things are cooled, as an ice chest, a vessel for ice water, etc.
An alcoholic beverage containing liquor or wine plus a carbonated beverage, usually served with ice.
There are many recipes for coolers, which all have these things in common: true coolers are made with ginger ale, club soda, or another carbonated beverage, and he rind of a lemon or orange, cut in a continuous spiral, with one end hooked over the rim of the glass. All coolers are served in tall glasses such as a Collins glass.
Maintains refrigerated equipment used to store product at specific temperatures.
A refrigerated holding unit in a warehouse or store for perishables.
Company-owned one, two and three glass-doored refrigerated units that contain cold product.
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a loser hired by the owners to cool down people on a winning streak by his sheer prescence
a person whose bad luck or karma affects others gambling and puts people off their wining streaks, thereby saving the casino money
a person who wanders around the casino floor in an attempt to break winning streaks by sitting at a card table to disrupt the flow of the game, or talking to a winner so that he loses his concentration
Keywords:  heatsink, exciting, abates, cpu, fan
That which cools, or abates heat or excitement.
a metal cpu heatsink with at least one fan on
a new and exciting design for a video card heatsink
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a good idea for anyone who wants to protect their hardware investments
a good idea for bottled water and low fat dairy products
a VERY good idea for a sidecar bike, or a bike ridden in hot weather, especially at speed
Cooling device into which enters the hot wort drawn from the mashtun. The wort's temperature will be lowered to about 20 to 24° C before entering the washbacks. At higher temperatures, the yeast cells responsible for the fermentation process would be killed.
an artificial device to enhance natural cooling, preventing excessive temperatures, and may be active (i
Keywords:  vid, gpu, vga, think, profile
a great way to cool your vid card, but I think the problem mostly lies in your case airflow
a low profile GPU water block for your VGA card
Keywords:  mesh, cheap, chill, winner, blanket
a machine, commonly using water, a fan and a coil or mesh to provide evaporative cooling - very effective and cheap to run in hot dry climates, but not so effective in humid climates, such as the UK. It is now illegal to refer to them as air conditioners.
A blanket used to cover a horse that is heated or sweating after a competition. A cooler, often made of wool or a mesh material, aids the horse in cooling off without catching a chill. Coolers are often presented as awards for the winner of a class.
a pretty impressive site when you look at it through the clamshell packaging that it ships in, with it wing shapes fins and two large and long heatpipes running through the fins you can begin to image just how well it will actual cool a video card
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Cools the molten klinker as it spills out the end of the rotary kiln.
Keywords:  unlucky, person
an unlucky person
Keywords:  cinder, notch, blast, furnace, largest
The largest of three water coolers surrounding the cinder notch of a blast furnace.
a TennMax proprietary materials, T-Pad
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jail; -- usually used in the form the cooler.
Keywords:  prisoners, violent, cell
a cell for violent prisoners
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a nice performer as well a nice bit of eye candy
Keywords:  frozen, fresh, bring, food, good
a good investment to bring fresh or frozen food out
Keywords:  air, conditioner
an air conditioner.
a completely different type of system that