Definitions for "Cookie"
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A handle or transaction identifier, or other token of agreement between co-operating programs. Cookies were introduced by Netscape to preserve state information on the browser. This permits a site to recognize you on subsequent visits. Shopping cart programs can record each item you have collected as you navigate through a site. When done shopping, the Web page can use all of your accumulated cookies to calculate the charge. Some people believe that any site you connect to can read all the cookies on your disk. However, only the site that issued the cookie can read it.
A cookie is a small packet of information that gets stored on your computer when you visit certain web sites. It might be information about who you are, what pages you looked at, or what searches you did. When you go back to those web sites, the computers running them can look at the cookie and remember you-- maybe even greet you by name.
A small piece of data that is stored on your computer and sent over the Internet to the web site with which it is associated. They allow a website to keep track of information from one visit to the next and across pages. Most web browsers have cookies enabled by default.
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bickie [colloq.], biscuit
In the United States and Canada, a cookie (sometimes spelled cooky) is a small, flat baked pastry. In most English-speaking countries outside North America, the most common word for this is biscuit; in many regions both terms are used, while in others the two words have different meanings—a cookie is a bun in Scotland, while in North America a biscuit is a kind of quick bread.
A unit made of dine-mesh hardware cloth and perforated with irregular holes to create a mottled shadow effect on a flat surface. It can also be made of plywood that is perforated.
(cucalorus) Lighting accessory consisting of random cutout shapes that cast patterned shadows when light passes through. Used to imitate shadows of natural lighting.
A screen with random holes cut out of it intended to be in front of a light giving off shadows and breaking up the boredom of plain light on a plain wall.
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A Scottish name for a glazed bread roll made from enriched yeast dough containing dried vine fruits. Cooking Tips: If they are too soggy from the humidity then bake for 3 minutes at 200°C.
Cookie is a ZX Spectrum video game made by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. In the game Charlie the Chef has to bake a cake, but the ingredients (Mixed Peel, Chunky Chocolate, Crafty Cheese, Sneaky Sugar and Colonel Custard) are reluctant. The game was written by Chris Stamper and Tim Stamper.
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A removable pad in a padded bra.
A padded insert in the cup of a bra. Though usually made of fiberfill, it can also be made with water, oil or a gel. Cookies help to change the shape of the breast. They also help when one breast is smaller than the other. Placing a cookie in the bra cup of the smaller breast will give you a more even look.
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It seems like everyone who tries to explain what a cookie is just has to make a ...
There are two "Cookie" magazines: One is a Japanese manga (further explained below), and the other is a mom's and kid's fashion-style magazine from Conde Nast, found here
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A blob of glass dropped on a marver to flatten of its own weight or under pressure from a flat tool, used to form a foot, whether of a goblet or an unstemmed piece.
Flat piece of material with irregular holes cut into it. Used for creating pattern of shadows when positioned in front of a light source.
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Cookie is a 1989 comedy film released on August 23, 1989 by Warner Brothers.
(In cryptography) A cookie is a pseudo-random number used to prevent denial-of-service attacks.
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Item that must be eaten in front of sibling.
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How Internet Cookies Work, 03-04b-08, 0930.
the coated circular diskette that has been pushed to its final shape, but has not been sealed in its jacket.
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the blue monster on Sesame Street
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
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GIF Keyword Traffic
A thin panel with regular or irregular shapes cut out, permitting light directed through it to form a pattern on a background.
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Cooling-off Rule
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See Cooky.
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