Definitions for "convexity"
A volatility measure for bonds used in conjunction with modified duration in...
A financial instrument is said to be convex (or to possess convexity) if the financial instrument's price increases (decreases) faster (slower) than corresponding changes in the underlying price.
The graphical relationship between price and yield for a standard, noncallable bond in that they always move in opposite directions.
Keywords:  outward, curve, concave, bulges, sphere
Having the property of curving outward, like the outside of a ball.
Property that a curve is above a straight line connecting two end points. If the curve falls below the straight line, it is called concave.
The wall of the part curves outwards.
A weld that exceeds the intended perpendicular plane.
Keywords:  exterior, roundness, surface, body
The state of being convex; the exterior surface of a convex body; roundness.
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the property possessed by a convex shape