Definitions for "Contracture"
A state of permanent rigidity or contraction of the muscles, generally of the flexor muscles.
inability to completely straighten body part i.e. arms, legs, fingers or neck due to severe scarring of tissue between two joints during the healing process.
An abnormal shortening of muscles or other soft tissue about a joint, which may cause loss of full motion and may reduce independence.
scarring which can occur at the bladder neck after a radical prostatectomy and which results in narrowing of the urethra coming from the bladder; same as stricture
A capsule or shell of dense scar tissue that may form around a breast implant.
Hardening of scar tissue around a breast implant
Midwifery Thermoregulation
Molecular Tetracycline
Molecular Thyroxine
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Lymphoma Teratogenic
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Jaundice Squamous
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Monotherapy Spectrum
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Lithium Serum
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Mobility Skeletal
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a serious complication of a burn
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a fixed A CT or CAT scan A CT scan of the A CT scan of the A CT scan of the A CT scan of the A CT scan of
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Loss of normal movement as a result of healing.
a condition where there is great resistance of a body part to movement.