Definitions for "Continuity"
the state of being continuous; uninterrupted connection or succession; close union of parts; cohesion; as, the continuity of fibers.
Unbroken connection or sequence.
an unbroken succession; the state of being connected through time or space
Smooth flow of action and narration from scene to scene.
the smooth linking of an event, or level to another.
Conformity between successive shots in lighting, direction of movement, appearance, props, etc.
Gestalt psychologists use this term to describe our tendency to see lines as continuing, without breaks.
a Gestalt perceptual principle stating that objects positioned along a path are more likely to be seen as a group
A continuous electrical path.
AKA: Continuity Error The degree to which a movie is self-consistent. For example, a scene where an actor is wearing a hat when seen from one camera angle and not from another would lack continuity. A person is often employed to check that continuity is maintained since reshooting embarrassing lapses in continuity can be prohibitively expensive. See also continuity report. In modern times, some continuity errors can be corrected through digital compositing. See the Terminator 2: Judgment Day trivia entry for an example.
Consistent style and function throughout the site prevents users from becoming confused and disoriented. Elements that should remain consistent are page layout, navigation, type (text font for headers and content, paragraph spacing, etc.), and creatives.
Pinhole free film. A surface free from any defects. Contrast Ratio A value related to the hiding power of a coating. The ratio of reflectance of the coating over black and white backgrounds at equal film thickness. Conversion Coating(see chemical conversion coating)
The certainty that the information system will continue uninterruptedly, which means that it can be resumed within a reasonable time even after serious interruptions.
a "world" or "universe" or "dimension"
A performance dimension addressing the degree to which the care for a patient is coordinated among practitioners and organizations and over time, without interruption, cessation, or unnecessary repetition of diagnosis or treatment.
a topological propriety of the elements of a GIS, represented by the condivision of an arch between two areas.
A piecing together of separate elements to secure a sense of organization.
The elimination of gaps in a media schedule by maximizing the duration of a campaign, ideally 52 weeks.
Continuity of a business means that the business continues to operate as usual, even when there is some unusual event that happens. For example, if a business partner becomes unable to work or dies, business continuity means that the other partner(s) are able to continue to run the business as usual. This is technically impossible for a sole-proprietorship if the proprietor becomes deceased. Others must continue the business if continuity is to be maintained.
The acts preventing, mitigating and recovering from disruption. The terms business resumption planning, disaster recovery planning and contingency planning also may be used in this context; they all concentrate on the recovery aspects of continuity.
The state of being the same identical thing. Even though the molecules of a person come and go over the years as they eat, breath, and excrete, until little or no material they were born with remains with them, the person is still the same person. So it is with the Church. The Catholic Church (traditional Catholic movement) today is the same identical thing which Christ inaugurated in His day.
The terminology given to a structural system denoting the transfer of loads and stresses from member to member as if there were no connections.
The terminology describing the transfer of loads and stresses from member to member of a steel building system, allowing the members to act as a single unit.
1) Of the soundstage: the reproduction of the original lateral positions of the stereo images. See "bunching," "hole-in-the-middle," "stereo spread." 2) Of a multi-way loudspeaker: uniformity of coloration from the operating range of one driver to that of the other(s).
A method of scheduling advertising so that audiences have an opportunity to see ads at regular intervals. There are many patterns that could be used, from advertising once each day of the year to once a month.
Scheduling advertisements to appear at regular intervals over a period of time.
Continuity is a term used in broadcasting, especially in the United Kingdom, to refer to announcements, messages and graphics played by the broadcaster between specific programmes. It typically includes programme schedules, announcement of the programme immediately following and trailers or descriptions of forthcoming programmes. Continuity can be spoken by an announcer or displayed in text over graphics.
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A type of offer in which the consumer agrees to review new editions of or variations on a product and purchase a contracted number of these over a specified time period. (Examples include CD's periodically offered within a music club or recipe cards sent by a cooking club.)
The exposure of consumers consistently, over time, to advertising intended to sell a product or service.
a DRTV product purchasing program that encourages consumers to purchase the first in a series of products for a lower than normal price, then continue purchasing the entire series for a higher price. Extensively used for music, beauty, diet and self-development products.
A mapping f:A-B is continuous if images f(a1) and f(a2) of two close points a1 and a2 are also close to each other. This is only meaningful if for both spaces A and B the notion of closeness has been defined. The latter is defined in terms of neighborhoods.
The geographic property of features or measurements that gives measurements at all locations in space. Topography and air pressure are examples.
Limited time promotions in a store where a different item is promoted each week of the special. Commonly includes items such as pots and pans, books, flatware, etc.
A function "f " is continuous at x = a if the following three conditions are met: f(a) is defined ("a" is in the domain of "f "); The limit must exist; f(a) and L, must be equal. Examples: f(x) = x2 ; The graph of this function is a parabola. A continuous function has a graph that is connected, all in one piece. That is what is reflected in the technical definition.
Cost per thousand method Cybernetic controls
means more than being without holes. Because the component that performs the role of the air barrier changes from the wall to the window to the roof, continuity means that all these assemblies must be connected together so as to ensure that there is no break in the airtightness of the envelope
The distribution of fuel particles or extent of the fuel bed, thus affecting a fire's ability to sustain combustion and spread. This applies to aerial fuels as well as surface fuels.
In health insurance, the Maine law that protect consumers who have pre-existing conditions when changing insurance companies. As long as a person does not go without coverage for more than 63 (or in some cases 90) days, the new insurance company cannot exclude a health condition that was covered under the old policy. This is also known as "portability".
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The term continuity refers to conserving mass within the model.
The ability of a conductor to carry a current over its entire length.
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The condition of being continuous.
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Continuo Continuous Controller
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the property of a continuous and connected period of time