Definitions for "Continuation"
A user thread that is ready to be executed for the first time. A continuation contains all the necessary information to execute a future, which is a section of code to be executed in parallel with other threads in the program. A continuation becomes a thread when it first begins execution.
a closure, but not vice versa
a full snapshot of the call stack, complete with local variable values and return addresses from functions for each stack frame
Inforce coverage whose provisions have been significantly modified without evidence of insurability. These modifications may include internal replacements, policy exchanges, term conversions, re-entries, and contractually permitted increases. Reinsurance on these policies stays with the original reinsurer unless otherwise agreed.
Allows terminated employees to continue their group health insurance coverage under certain conditions.
The right to continue health insurance after no longer eligible for coverage under a group plan if meeting certain conditions. Referred to as COBRA continuation for group of 20 or more employees. State continuation plans for smaller groups apply in some states.
That which extends, increases, supplements, or carries on; as, the continuation of a story.
1. A part issued in continuance of a monograph, a serial, or a series. (AACR2) 2. A supplement.
Any subscription for a periodical, serial, standing order, membership, monographic series (books)and newspapers
a functional argument that embodies the "rest of the computation"
a function that attempts to match the remaining portion of the pattern against the input string, starting at the intermediate state given by its REMatch argument
a procedure that embodies the remainder of a program at a given point in the program
The subsequent rental of a list for an offer that has been tested with the identical selection criteria.
A continuation is an order from a mailer who has tested, or continued on the list within the past 12 months. The mailers usually have found that the list does work for their offer, and is now using it again.
When a mailer uses a list two or more times. Compare to test.
The process whereby a market proceeds in the direction of the current trend after a period of consolidation. A continuation may be distinguished from a reversal. A geometric pattern may indicate either a continuation of a trend or the reversal of the trend.
Represents an extension of the trend. The trend continues to have momentum, and hence it moves onwards without reversal.
The continuation of a price movement in the same direction as a prior trend.
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a mechanism by which a HTTP Request can be suspended and retried after a timeout or an asynchronous event has occured
the Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review and approve all human subjects research protocols at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk but not less than once per year. There is no grace period beyond one year from the last IRB approval date. In order to avoid lapses in approval of a research and the possible suspension of subject enrollment, a continuation request should be submitted at least six weeks before the protocol's expiration date. Annual IRB review is required until the study is completed (see Completion of Study).
a second application for the same invention claimed in a prior nonprovisional application and filed before the original becomes abandoned or patented
Applicable mainly in the U.S., continuations are second or subsequent applications that are filed while the original parent application is pending. Continuations must claim the same invention as the original application to gain the benefit of the parent filing date.
That act or state of continuing; the state of being continued; uninterrupted extension or succession; prolongation; propagation.
Refers to a process whereby a cancelled AFDC case continues to receive child support enforcement services from the Title IV-D agency. Services continue to be provided until the client requests discontinuance (in writing), contact can no longer be made with the client or there is a failure to comply with program requirements.
The extension of child support enforcement services to a client after the cash or medical benefits are canceled.
general term for a renewed offensive action (e.g. redouble of attack or riposte)
a Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendence to perceive a line as continuing its established direction
the consequence of being lengthened in duration
a movie or series that continues on from an established series, utilizing a majority of the same situations, ideas, story, settings, characters and, consequently, the cast
A student enrolled at the same institution and in the same program level in the previous regular session.
a procedure which returns the program to some previous state of the computation
a filing, while a patent is active, which contains additions or changes to the previous claims.
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an amendment that provides continued funding for each budget year of the project period
an extension of an assistance agreement for an additional funding/budget period for a project the agency initially agreed to fund for a definite number of years.
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a first-class object representing the future of a computation
a function representing the future of a computation
an object that fully describes a future computation
The original definition of a symbol that has been advised.
a definite possibility
a concrete representation of the state of a conversation at a point in time
an abstraction of what is left to do relative to some point in an evaluation
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Registered and in continuation. Mode of attendance should be [...]-CON.
an actor which receives the answer to a question, and which encodes all the behavior necessary to continue a computation after the question is answered
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the act of continuing an activity without interruption
a means of capturing the control flow of the program and manipulating it
a potential that depends on initial conditions
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a part added to a book or play that continues and extends it