Definitions for "Continental crust"
Keywords:  granite, crust, shelves, seismic, thick
The type of crust underlying the continents, including the continental shelves. The continental crust is commonly about 35 to 70 km thick. Its density is typically 2.7 g/CM3, and the velocities of primary seismic waves traveling through the crust are less than 6.2 km/sec. Contrast with oceanic crust.
The type of the Earth's crust that directly underlies the continents. It ranges in thickness from 35 km to as much as 70 km under mountain ranges. The density of the upper layer of the continental crust is about 2.7 g/cm3, and the velocity of compressional seismic waves through it are less than about 7.0 km/sec.
Solid, outer layers of the earth, including the rocks of the continents.