Definitions for "Contention"
A violent effort or struggle to obtain, or to resist, something; contest; strife.
Strife in words; controversy; altercation; quarrel; dispute; as, a bone of contention.
A point maintained in an argument, or a line of argument taken in its support; the subject matter of discussion or strife; a position taken or contended for.
Condition on a communications channel or in a peripheral device when two or more stations try to either transmit at the same time or access a resource simultaneously.
The condition when two or more stations attempt to use the same channel at the same time.
A term usually used to describe a condition that occurs when two or more processes or threads attempt to obtain the same resource. The results of contention can vary depending on the resource in question.
Contention is the case when multiple users vie for the right to use a communication channel within a multiplexed connection. The contention rate is in that case the number of users that in the worst case have to share the connection. If a connection has a bandwidth potential of 1000 Kbps with a contention rate of 20:1 it is possible that in the worst case users will fall back to a connection speed of 1000/20 = 50 Kbps.
The number of users that you share your potential bandwidth with. Home ADSL products such as PlanetHome 500 have a contention ratio of 50:1. That is, up to 50 users on your exchange share a common "pool" of bandwidth -- and if all 50 were attempting to use all their bandwidth at the same time, all your connections would slow down. In practice, because internet traffic tends to come in short bursts, contention is less of a problem than it sounds. However, our PlanetPlus 1000 and PlanetPlus 2000 products have a lower contention ratio of 20:1, so your level of service will be more consistent throughout the day.
Contention means sharing and is a very effective way to utilise a shared resource. The speed of connectivity for a xDSL service is spread across a number of other users. The contention ratio refers to the capacity limitations controlled by BT at their exchange.
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Access method in which network devices compete for permission to access the physical medium. Contrast with circuit switching and token passing.
the act of competing as for profit or a prize; "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
A LAN access method that allows any node to initiate data transmission at any time. Examples: CSMA/CD that is used in Ethernet and CSMA/CA in wireless LAN. Compare with demand priority and token passing.
Vehemence of endeavor; eagerness; ardor; zeal.
1. A striving to win in competition; rivalry. 2. A state unfamiliar to Reds fans. 3. Something you can't be in without a bullpen.
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Coverage Area CPHS
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a specific issue of law or fact that the third party seeks to have adjudicated