Definitions for "Contemporary"
Living, occuring, or existing, at the same time; done in, or belonging to, the same times; contemporaneous.
Any modern design (after 1920) that does not contain traditional elements of the past.
Something on or close to the original publication date, i.e. a binding or inscription etc
A contemporary binding is the original binding of a book, and is thus highly desirable.
"Belonging to the same time". Being from the period when the book was published. A term used to describe the binding, the hand colouring of the illustrations, inscriptions, etc.
Dance as it is being explored by current choreographers.
Anything since 1960, although music from 1970 on is more contemporary.
music or art that is current
occurring in the same period of time; "a rise in interest rates is often contemporaneous with an increase in inflation"; "the composer Salieri was contemporary with Mozart"
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One who lives at the same time with another; as, Petrarch and Chaucer were contemporaries.
People, or in this case buildings, which existed or come into being during the same period of time.
existing at the present time
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Of the same age; coeval.
a person of nearly the same age as another.
Jewelry or timepieces described as contemporary were recently produced and/or are being sold for the first time. See also antique and estate. Cleaning Pearls
A design with simple, extremely stylized motifs. Details...
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today, now