Definitions for "contango"
A condition in which distant delivery prices for futures exceed spot prices,...
The postponement of payment by the buyer of stock on the payment of a premium to the seller. See Backwardation.
A futures market in which prices in succeeding delivery months are progressively higher. The opposite of Backwardation.
Keywords:  vyaj, undha, badla, forward, deferring
This is one of the special conditions where a minimum quantity is specified for an order. In carry forward transactions when the buyer pays interest on borrowed funds it is known as Contango charges ( Vyaj Badla). When the seller pays a charge for borrowing securities it is undha badla.
The fee paid by a buyer of shares for deferring the purchase of stocks and shares. Also called ‘forwardation'.
The premium or interest paid by the buyer to the seller, to be allowed to defer paying for the stock purchased until the next fortnightly settlement day.
a premium which is built into the back-month contracts based on an undefined, an unquantifiable risk