Definitions for "Contaminant"
a substance that spoils the purity of something else or makes it poisonous.
Foreign matter carried in the air, gas or fluid to be filtered out. Includes air borne dirt, metallic particles produced by wear of moving parts of the air compressor, rust from metal pipelines.
An undesirable substance not normally present, or an unusually high concentration of a naturally occurring substance, in water, soil, or other environmental medium.
an item that is not recyclable found in a load of recyclables, making the load unable to be recycled
Any item or material that reduces the quality of paper for recycling or makes it unrecyclable. Contaminants include metal, foil, glass, plastic, stickies, food, hazardous waste, carbon paper, waxed boxes, and synthetic fabrics. Collecting paper co-mingled with other recyclables may increase contaminants.
A gas-tight shell or other enclosure around a nuclear reactor to confine radioactive materials that otherwise might be released to the atmosphere in the event of an accident.
non desired organisms growing simultaneously in a culture supposedly pure.
Non desired organism growing simultaneously in a culture supposedly pure
Means any solid, liquid, gas, odour, heat, sound, vibration, radiation or combination of any of  them resulting directly or indirectly from human activities that may cause an adverse effect.
a health hazard that can cause illness or death when ingested
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Anything that can get into food that is not supposed to be there.
Something that stains, soils or infects other things through contact.
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See Environmental Contaminant.