Definitions for "Containerization"
The use of box-like or other unit load devices (ULD) in which a number of packages are stored, protected, and handled as a unit in transit. See Container and ULD.
The system and process of placing cargo material in a standard- size container, in which the contents are not rehandled as the container is moved between ship, rail, truck or other transportation modes.
The technique of using a container to store, protect and handle cargo while it is in transit. This shipping method has both greatly expedited the speed at which cargo is moved from origin to destination and lowered shipping costs.
(Copyright © 1995-2003 by Phyllis Porter) The placing of infants into containers (i.e., any piece of equipment which restricts the movement of the infant, e.g. swings, walkers, infant seats, or jump-ups).
The use of a receptacle made of cardboard, steel, fiberglass, etc. into which the individual items of a shipment are loaded. A container may be a box, carton, drum barrel, etc.
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The act of placing all packages going to the same destination area in the same large bin, or container.