Definitions for "Container"
a large metallic box designed to hold many smaller boxes or packages, and used for convenience in loading and unloading large quantities of freight, such as on ships, trains, or airplanes.
A shipping device, airline provided or shipper provided, allowing a convenient and lower cost method of shipping. See ULD - Unit Load Device.
A receptacle that resembles a truck trailer without wheel (chassis) that is lifted on to flat cars.
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a runtime support of a system-level entity
a runtime system for one or more enterprise beans
a runtime system for one or multiple enterprise beans
These are the basis on which all the other windows are built. They manage the child Component s and LayoutManager. They are missing an addNotify method to create the peer object, so can't appear on screen. You don't normally instantiate Containers directly, but some subclass of them. Component null
A component that can hold other components. In Java, examples of containers include applets, frames, and dialogs. In the Visual Composition Editor, containers can be graphically represented and generated.
A tag that has a start and end component. Containers enclose text.
a control that can hold other controls within it, such as a Frame or a PictureBox--or a form
the part of the rig that sits on a jumper's back, holding the main and reserve parachutes.
That which hold the preparations and is or may be in direct contact with the preparation. The closure is part of the container.
Specialized floodwater habitat used by some mosquitoes. A treehole is primary example.
Specialized floodwater habitat used by some mosquitoes. Buckets, cans, and discarded tires are examples
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One who, or that which, contains; particularly, an artifactual object that is designed to contain some fluid or solid material, object or objects, especially for convenience in transporting the contained objects.
A grouping of basic objects in a database. Containers are the fundamental units of locking; when any basic object in a container is locked, the entire container is locked, effectively locking all basic objects in the container.
An EJB container is the runtime environment for Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) support. A Web container is the runtime environment for processing HTTP requests, servlets and JSPs. A facility for passing information among CICS transactions which are part of the same instance of a CICS-defined Business Transaction Services (BTS) transaction. A Component Broker application adapter that provides object services for instances of managed objects
A widget that can have other widgets as children. For example, PtWindow, PtGroup, and PtOSContainer.
widget that contains other widgets; in that case, the container is the parent of the child widgets. Some containers don't draw anything on their own, but rather just organize their children's geometry; for example, GtkVBox lays out its children vertically without painting anything on its own. Other containers include decorative elements; for example, GtkFrame contains the frame's child and a label in addition to the shaded frame it draws. The base class for containers is GtkContainer. See Also widget geometry .
A flat pot or tub, usually made of plastic or metal, which is used to grow or hold a plant in such a manner so as to restrict root growth beyond its side walls and bottom.
Include the following:• A-3 mailbag – a large bag used for enclosing the mail• A-6 mailbag – a small bag used for enclosing the mail• Flats Tub – a container for the conveyance of Oversize (O/S) mail• Lettertainer – a container for the conveyance of Short and Long (S/L) mail• Monotainer – a metal cage for the conveyance of all mail• Pallet – a wooden/plastic/aluminum platform for the conveyance of containers and/or brick-piled mail items. (conteneur)
A Warwick Framework container is the unit used to aggregate metadata packages.
a metadata item that can contain other metadataitems
a method of organizing and storing different types of media in the same file--along with various metadata (aspect ratio, framerate, etc
An outer container, also known as a vault, or liner, is a concrete container into which the casket is placed for burial in the ground.
The steel cylinder, usually fitted with a removable liner, having an inside diameter slightly larger than the billet to be extruded which holds and confines the billet during the extrusion cycle. Its length may vary with the press tonnage rating and manufacturer.
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a vessel, a setting in which the intensities of human activity can safely emerge
Not a mold, anything used to pour the wax in that will remain as part of the finished candle.
The vessel used to pour a candle in, that is to be used as an integral pat of the candle (as opposed to a mould which the candle is removed from before use.)
is used to describe a physical freight container, a pallet as well as a conceptual container like the Master Airway Bill. The Master Airway Bill is a document required by the airline service providers.
Alternate way to pack freight. They are usually supplied by the airlines.
Container is a Swedish 2006 film by Lukas Moodysson. It was first shown at a film festival in Berlin.
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a resource that contains things
That thing beside your desk that you fill with AOL 2.0 floppy disks, CDW catalogs, and probably some important papers that you shouldn't have.
a logical disk created from freespace and made up of one or more partitions on one or more physical disks
a regular file or block device, so it is possible to backup, move, or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access encrypted data using BestCrypt
The cell enclosure in which the plates, separator and electrolyte are held. It is made up of the cell jar and cover that are permanently joined.
(coffre) - any enclosure, including a cabinet or a room, for the storage of information and assets
A container is a window that can contain many other windows within itself. This gives you the ability to group multiple conversations, channels, or status windows into one view and switch easily between them, all while using only one task bar entry for the group. It allows you to stay organized even with many windows open. In TrillianPro?, a container can become a TabbedContainer?.
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a subtree of the global namespace
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Data package--found in SDH--which floats with respect to the payload area of STM frames.
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a Zscript command that can include (or contain) other Zscript commands
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An HTML element that contains text. The term is also used in SGML, with the same meaning.
an STL template class that manages a sequence of elements
a compartment that houses some sort of abstraction within its walls
an abstraction for a base document (or a portion of that document)
an implementation of a map that provides an abstraction from the underlying physical storage
a structure used to " refine " a data category (i
A node type that can be used for grouping categories into a set, for creating a static page within a hierarchy, and/or for defining a particular vocabulary with which to classify content. A container may have zero, one or many parents, which can be either categories or containers. A range of settings can be applied to a container, many of which affect the behaviour of categories enclosed within it. A container is equivalent to, and compatible with, the 'vocabulary' entity in the taxonomy module.
a file that contains a set of streams, whereas these streams can alternatively be stored into separate files (which is what the Matroska extract function is doing)
A container is any expression that can have its value set to an integer. These are item elements, item pointers and variables.
a collection of items
a piece of information that has its own unique buttons, which represent functionality related to that item
a definition specifying which plugs are used in this area
a location, as specified in the JavaDoc
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a non-leaf entry in the Directory Information Tree (DIT) that contains naming service information
a collection of processes that are aware of each other
a list of either collections or iterators
an application program or subsystem
an environment in which an application runs
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an area on a page that contains content. A container can be structured as a row, column, or cell in a table. That is, when you are arranging content on the page, the content can be placed in a container that spans the width of the page (row) or the height of a page (column).
a rectangular portion of a Web page dedicated to specific placement of marketing material
a collection of different media (text, sound, image, video, light pulses and control commands for external equipment)
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a set of attributes
a sub-set of an OU
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port authorities
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see aggregator.
an attribute that defines a holder for a piece of identity data
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a way to put together a lot of small files into one larger file to improve performance
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a months supply
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a custom data structure in some way similar to an array
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a file that can store different types of video and audio inside it
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a control whose main purpose is to host other controls
a named collection of files having one or more characteristics in common
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See table space container.