Definitions for "contacts "
people exposed to someone with infectious TB disease, generally including family members, roommates or housemates, close friends, coworkers, classmates, and others (see close contacts or other-than-close contacts)
Contacts are those individuals who have persistent involvement with the juvenile throughout the life of his/her case and after. These might include friends, pastor, Guardian Ad Litem, etc. Contacts are entered in the same section as Family Members.
A pair of devices that touch or come apart at the point where the switch throw makes or breaks the circuit. Silver contacts are common because of their low conductivity and low electrical resistance. Gold contacts are used for low level (signal level) switching.
The parts of the connector that actually carry the electrical current, and that touch the equivalent parts in the mating connector.
Mercury to Metal: The contacts of a standard mercury displacement relay or contactor. The upper contact is metal and stationary. The lower contact is a pool of mercury that gets displaced by the plunger assembly, thereby coming in contact with the metal electrode during operation. (See page 4.) Mercury to Mercury: The contacts of a standard mercury timer relay. This contact arrangement utilizes a cup, which has the electrode in it, and is filled with mercury. When the mercury at the bottom of the unit is displaced, it floods over the sides of the cup, completing the circuit. This provides a clean make and break with no chatter and little erosion. (See page 15,)
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Keep track of frequently dialed numbers by accessing your Contacts within the SunRocket Member Account Manager. Your Contacts let you quickly find phone numbers and email addresses, sort contacts by category, and operate Click to Call.
The application that helps you record and organize contact information for individuals and businesses, including names, titles, company names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
An application for storing and editing contact information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. The data can be stored in the internal memory of a phone or on its SIM card.
Personal list of max 100 citizens for seeing if they are online, sending telegrams, joining them, getting their home page etc
The group of individuals and organizations that allow us to share and communicate our career interests, skills, desires; properly approached, these individuals can help us expand our marketplace data, and amplify our career wisdom about new career directions we are contemplating.
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all written and oral dealings with the Forest Practices Board (FPB) by the public, related to a forest matter or the FPB's complaint process.
Are individuals or groups who represent the registrant on matters related to the registered domain name. There are three types of contacts: administrative, technical and billing. A domain may be a group, single person or organization. Also See Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts
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contacts affords easy access to information in Mac OS X's AddressBook database from a shell and allows other Unix utilities to more easily mine that data.
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A two part device that signals to the alarm panel when a door or window is open. One part of the contact is installed in the door or window and the other part is installed in the frame.
These devices detect the opening of protected doors and windows when the system is armed.
Devices designed to detect the opening of a door or window.
For low level applications (as defined in MIL-S-8805), we recommend the use of gold plated contacts. These can be substituted in all of our configurations.
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forces or entities with whom magickal links are established; especially, the forces or entities, and magickal current, from which a group draws its power to initiate, thus "to be contacted" means to be linked to a particular magickal current
A person who might be of use; a connection, a person who is or may be communicated with for information, supplies, assistance, etc.
Metal line connections to transistors, to output pins, and to each other between interconnect layers.
The conducting members of a connecting device that are designed to provide a separable through connection in a cable-to-cable, cable-to-box or a box-to-box situation.
a magazine offering personal classified ads and advertisements to anyone interested in traveling, working, or living in France
A sheet of photographs printed directly from the negatives so that clients can choose which prints they want
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Treasury Tax and Loan Actions Glossary
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See Edge Contacts