Definitions for "Consumers"
organisms within a biological community which cannot manufacture their own food and therefore depend on other organisms for their nutritional supply; also called "heterotrophs".
(3) organisms, chiefly animals, that ingest other organisms or particulate organic matter.
the organisms within an ecosystem that meet their energy needs by feeding on the producers.
Customers who are adults with mental illnesses, and/or substance abuse or dependence, and/or mental retardation; or children with mental illnesses, behavioral problems or developmental delays.
Any persons who use goods and services. Consumers of consumer-directed services are people with disabilities of all ages, including persons with: Cognitive needs which include autism, mental retardation, brain injury, dementia (including Alzheimer's Disease, AIDS-related dementa); Physical needs due to accidents, injuries, illnesses, age-related conditions, developmental conditions such as muscular dystrophy, and sensory impairments (including vision and hearing losses, deafness, blindness).
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Continental Shelf
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People who use goods and services to satisfy their economic wants.
People who use or are potential users of health services.
People whose wants are satisfied by consuming a good or a service.
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The audience for whom a commercial media text is constructed and who responds to the text with commercial activity.
The end-users of electricity, who may be served either by the utility distribution company or by a non-utility, retail electric service provider.
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A person who buys items from stores or a person who uses something, like you and me