Definitions for "consumer"
One who, or that which, consumes; as, the consumer of food.
An organism that obtains energy and nutrients by feeding on other organisms or their remains.
Consumers are heterotrophic organisms within the food web of a community. In the trophic levels of the food chain, primary consumers consume producers, secondary consumers consume primary consumers, and tertiary consumers consume secondary consumers.
An individual who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale.
the person or organization that uses some item of commerce or service in its own acitities, as opposed to reselling the item or including it as part of another item for resale; -- called also the end user.
an individual who purchases and uses goods or services.
An end user of any product or service. A shopper or customer. The final link in the chain of product distribution: manufacturing, selling, wholesaling, retailing, consuming.
a "degraded customer
a gullet that gulps products and craps cash , in the famous formulation, and I hope this whole episode has demonstrated that we customers are much more than just a gullet
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an application that uses the ADO or OLE DB specification to request functionality or data from a data provider through OLE DB interfaces. A typical ADO consumer might submit a query to a data provider and then display the results of that query.
a client application that uses or 'consumes' an OLE DB interface
a software component that is capable of getting in touch with an OLE DB provider through a set of COM interfaces
An object (MessageConsumer) created by a session that is used for receiving messages from a destination. In the point-to-point delivery model, the consumer is a receiver or browser (QueueReceiver or QueueBrowser); in the publish/subscribe delivery model, the consumer is a subscriber (TopicSubscriber).
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A program that uses DTrace to enable instrumentation and reads out the resulting stream of trace data. The dtrace command is the canonical DTrace consumer; the lockstat(1M) utility is another specialized DTrace consumer.
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a brief summary of centurion
Server containing replicated directory trees or subtrees from a supplier server.
A directory server that is the destination of replication updates. Sometimes called a slave.
a business, that business may appoint a candidate of its choice
Somebody who has entered into a contract not in the course of their business
Predominantly businesses that deal directly with the public, e.g. shops, banks, pubs etc.
a bimonthly magazine that provides in-depth coverage of the latest FDA topics, plus reports of FDA regulatory and enforcement activities
an intermediary system that communicates with Producers (and indirectly, the Portlets they host) on behalf of its users
An electricity user.
In telemarketing terms, a consumer is someone who can be contacted after work or at the weekend.
a direction which showed a marketed trendThe people want to express their character and feeling in societies
people who drink soft drinks
An applicant for, or recipient of, Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) who must have parental control of children needing care and meet certain other requirements.
An object that consumes data from a Producer. See twisted.internet.interfaces.IConsumer.
An individual or a legal entity consuming electricity and/or thermal power
means an individual who acquires or imports property or a service for the personal use or consumption of that individual (or of another individual) and not for use in a commercial activity or in the making of an exempt supply by the individual.
A private individual at whom advertisements are aimed; a buyer.
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a passive output "sink"
handbook on adjustable rate mortgages (C.H.A.R.M.) A disclosure required by the federal government to be given to any borrower applying for an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).
a member of an ecological community that relies on energy and materials gathered from other members of the community for its survival.
A computation, sometimes also a client, that is receiving the results of actions requested by a client.
A person or client system authorized by the producer to view or disseminate objects from the Digital Preservation Repository.
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A natural person who (1) with respect to a check handled for forward collection, draws the check on a consumer account or (2) with respect to a check handled for return, deposits the check into or cashes the check against a consumer account.
A check writer.
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a statistical abstraction
The policy holder or plan member, or his/her covered dependents. Also used as a synonym for "patient."
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" shall bear the same meaning as set out in the Regulations; "
Consumers are all devices and installations consuming electricity.
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see resource consumers.
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See data consumer.