Definitions for "Consultation"
A meeting with an orthodontist where the orthodontic problem is diagnosed and discussed, often with the aid of X-rays and study models
a meeting with the orthodontist to discuss the treatment plan.
a confidential discussion of your problems with an experienced tax attorney
An opportunity for interested parties to comment and make proposals at key stages during the review
The term consultation, as used in this plan, refers to consultation processes initiated and funded by the University in connection with physical planning and design changes. These processes will be designed to provide opportunities for meaningful input from members of the University community, nearby neighbours, local interest groups and others who may be affected by proposed physical changes.
an excellent opportunity for extending the knowledge of all participants
The act of consulting or conferring; deliberation of two or more persons on some matter, with a view to a decision.
A council or conference, as of physicians, held to consider a special case, or of lawyers restained in a cause.
The act of conferring and deliberating in order to come to decisions together. Refers particularly to the relationship between pastor and laity, respecting the pastor's unique role as canonical head of the parish.
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a service offered to clients at Emages Hair USA, during which the stylist and the client meet face to face
Before every color service, you should expect an in-depth consultation with your stylist. This conversation is where you will exchange information and ideas about your hair and the look you want to achieve in order to get your color recommendation. During the consultation your colorist will assess the condition of your hair to help determine what kind of color product is most appropriate for your hair's needs. Some tips on talking with your stylist. Some tips on talking with your stylist.
a two way street, so follow your intuition
a unique, brilliant and beautiful way to speak with your mentor
a way for you to ask one of our doctors or healthcare professionals a question about any healh or medical concern
an acetaminophen of ionamin that holds one propecia of alcohol for every duromine on the fastin
a regular engagement with alcohol. One might say this whole epic is a Consultation with a bit of a sail round it. See also Conservation Mode; Linear  and Parallel Methods of Consultation
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Explanation of the information gathered and treatment you need after Dr. wang has reviewed and studied all the data he collected at your earlier appointment. Dentures - denture is a removable piece of acrylic, (a hard plastic), which can replace missing teeth. Dr. Wang molds and designs all dentures herself, in order to ensure both an esthetic and functional fit.
The review of a new patient's medical history, tests, X-rays and/or pathology slides to determine the need for treatment.
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Insight Sternum
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An initial visit with a surgeon to determine whether or not surgery is a good option for you, and to develop a planof action.
a courtesy visit rather than a medical necessity
Lymphoproliferative Strand
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A preliminary exploration of your options, the timetable and the costs of adoption. We will try to answer all your questions about the various adoption methods and options.
the act of referring or consulting; "reference to an encyclopedia produced the answer"
A question and answer session with a knowledge-based system. It is often used in meteorological applications that require judgment on the part of the user.
a model of collaboration based on the assumption that the consultant has certain areas of expertise to be shared with the recipient (e.g., general education teacher).
Asking for views on policies or services from staff, colleagues, service-users, or the general public. Different circumstances call for different types of consultation. For example, consultation includes public meetings, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires, and meeting with experts. Top of this page
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a good first step toward learning more about Earthships
a time when you can learn more about myself and I can learn more about you
Information shared between or among peers or professionals to increase the ability to manage challenging circumstances. Psychiatric consultation to a cardiologist who is treating a depressed patient is an example. A social worker might consult with another on the best residential placement for an individual with severe and persistent mental illness.
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Ligands Specificity
a wise investment against traveler's diarrhea, hepatitis, malaria, and other travel related diseases
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a figure of speech in which one turns to his hearers and, as it were, allows them to take part in the inquiry
a Board proceeding without all the trappings of a full fledged hearing
Not a full report, but specifies weight, clarity, and color.
Loop Stimulus
Modeling Sequencing
Loop Sequencing
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a fifteen minute session with Dr
a free confidential and non-adversarial resource for the job site safety and health needs of California employers and their employees
A diagnostic service provided by a dentist other than the treating dentist. Top of section
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a great bonus to offer, for several reasons
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a dangerous precedent
Consultation in object-oriented programming occurs when an object's method implementation consists of a message send of the same message to another constituent object.
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an informative experience