Definitions for "Consultants"
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There are many kinds of CCTV consultant. Some installers call their sales personnel consultants - they are definitely not independent - they are paid to sell only specific equipment, which may not suit your application. Similarly there are free-lance consultants who have associations with suppliers - you should pay less for the consultancy as normally they get a commission on the sale - but you can pay a lot more for your system as it most likely will include the consultants commission, and the purchase price may not be competitive. Independent consultants, who are independent, is the best bet. You may see more expense initially on the table, but you will know where you stand, and there should be no surprises down-line. It takes guts to be an independent security consultant with integrity, so look for one where they have been vetted by their peers and abide by an acknowledged code of practice. The only professional organisation in the UK founded solely for independent security consultants is the Association of Security Consultants (ASC).
individuals or groups who provide advice, support, or training for a fee
an independent advisory firm licensed by the Bahrain Monetary Agency with offices in Bahrain and Libya
a leader in innovative tools and strategies for results-driven organizational restructuring
a pioneer and world leader in the design, development and implementation of customized comprehensive systematic tools, techniques, methodologies, technologies, strategies, and systems for comprehensive customer care
a world leader in customized, process-based improvement systems, reengineering, transformation, redesign, and performance improvement
People that are familiar with the Linspire and have signed up through a program to offer technical services to end users
a consultant to the insurance industry and self-insured clients providing loss analysis, inventory and appraisal services, warehousing, litigation support and salvage liquidation services
a Ludhiana based private enterprise company formed in response to market demand for a strong customer focus where Quality of Service is a real issue
a full service agency specializing in online advertising
an Ottawa-based firm that specializes in managing capital projects for government departments and agencies
Paid professionals that perform specific functions for your business. Consultants can include attorneys, accountants, and advertising/marketing agencies.
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a division of Plaza Consulting Inc
a German contractor, acting within the framework of an agreement between the governments of Germany and the Samara Region
a media based company focussing on marketing and public relations