Definitions for "Consultancy"
One particular type of service delivered under a contract for services. A consultant is an entity fi whether an individual, a partnership or a corporation fi engaged to provide professional, independent and expert advice or services.
the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field; "a busines management consultancy"
a business that provides the services of a nurse who gives expert or professional advice to healthcare facilities or clients on a contractual basis, typically by the hour
a partnership formed by two very senior and experienced doctors, who have worked for several years supporting their junior colleagues achieve specialist registration
a flexible association of professionals able to meet your business needs, working principally in mainland Britain with Associates in the United States and Europe
a structured process for helping an individual or small group of people think more expansively about a particular, concrete problem or dilemma
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a one-stop creative house that provides event management services and marketing solutions
Consumable Manufacture and Supply