Definitions for "Constructs"
The mechanical race built by the Syrneth, whose emissaries (the "Mumblety Pegs") manipulated the events leading to the rise of Cabora.
a set of dimensions used by individuals to differentiate between people, things, and events. Individuals appear to possess a stable preference for using particular constructs to differentiate between the individuals they are interacting with. Constructs in skill terms therefore provide the ‘action-relevant categories' that people collect information with.
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Document type definitions (DTDs), style sheet (i.e. FOSI, DSSSL), and SGML/XML tag narrative definitions.
(spros pa) Any mental formulation. A conceptual construct that is not innate to the nature of mind.
New arrangements of genes produced by genetically modifying DNA. Back to the top of this page D -F
To make or form by combining parts; to draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions.