Definitions for "Construct "
Formed by, or relating to, construction, interpretation, or inference.
This is a term used in psychological assessment to cover concepts which integrate existing knowledge about certain contexts, usually in the form of personality or competency constructs.
The concept or the characteristic that a test is designed to measure. American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education. (1999). Standards for educational and psychological testing. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association, p. 173.
Construct is a Python library for declaratively defined data structures, called "constructs". These constructs can both parse data into an object and build an object into data. Constructs handle fields of either byte or bit granularity, structs, unions, sequences, repeaters, adapters, validators, switching, pointers, on-demand parsing, and many more.
Construct is a python module for bit-level, symmetrical parsing and building of data structures. Complex constructs are formed by a hierarchy of less-complex constructs, as well as user-defined constructs.
A design that determines the logical order of program instructions. Also called control structure. 15.6
an expression cassette comprising a DNA of interest included between a promoter and a terminator
an identifiable segment of DNA within or attached to another DNA molecule that is not found in association with the other molecule in nature
a plasmid selected from the group consisting of pGallaway, pBERT I and pBERT II or a functionally equivalent plasmid
Goal of this project is to build a graphical programming language that gets rid of those pesky over-multiple-screen-paranthesis-constructions known from almost every language available. It should also conform as much as possible to UML
To put together the constituent parts of (something) in their proper place and order; to build; to form; to make; as, to construct an edifice.
make by combining materials and parts; "this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"
A series of statement s that begins with a SELECT CASE, DO, IF, or WHERE statement and ends with a corresponding END SELECT, END DO, END IF, or ENDWHERE statement.
a direct substitution of a value, which helps to build or modify a SQL statement
(n.) a sequence of statements starting with a CASE, DO, IF or WHERE statement and ending with the corresponding terminal statement.
object model] An internal command to create an object.
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, construct is a type of creature, or "creature type". Constructs are either animated objects, or any artificially constructed creature. Most constructs are non-intelligent automotons.
Construct was a fictional villain who first appeared in Justice League of America #142 with an interesting origin. He is derived from radio signals and the technology of mankind. The radio signals manifested itself into an electronic mind that can live and think.
reassemble mentally; "reconstruct the events of 20 years ago"
Complete a theme-based or place-based historical historical reconstruction of a topic or site.
a grammar production, with the option elements being production rules
an expression vector comprising a control element operatively linked to an open reading frame encoding a lysosomal enzyme activator
a scale on which all, or nearly all, of the elements can be rated
A construct is a piece of text (explicit or implicit) that is an instance of a syntactic category defined under ``Syntax.'' (10)
put together out of components or parts; "the company fabricates plastic chairs"; "They manufacture small toys"
a fabricated spiritual servitor
draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions; "construct an equilateral triangle"
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To devise; to invent; to set in order; to arrange; as, to construct a theory of ethics.
To set in order mentally; to arrange.
"A recombinant virus made in the laboratory."
create by linking linguistic units; "construct a sentence"; "construct a paragraph"
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a mass of psi energy that you form and program
an abstraction which arises from an awareness of a similarity and a contrast between events and is, therefore, bi-polar
The process by which a media text is shaped and given meaning through a process that is subject to a variety of decisions and is designed to keep the audience interested in the text.
the variable as represented by the hierarchy of the agents.
a generalization that represents either a Business Rule or an Action. See Chapter5
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The skill of developing or creating.