Definitions for "Constituent"
Having the power of electing or appointing.
One for whom another acts; especially, one who is represented by another in a legislative assembly; -- correlative to representative.
A person who appoints another to act for him as attorney in fact.
The parts of a given structure. For example, in the noun phrase The ancient mariner there are (a) a noun - which is the obligatory constituent of a noun phrase; and (b) a determiner and an adjective - which are optional constituents.
a linguistic unit which is a component of a larger construction. These units can, in turn, be analysed into further constituents (e.g. a noun phrase can be analysed into a determiner and a noun).
(grammar) a word or phrase or clause forming part of a larger grammatical construction
Serving to form, compose, or make up; elemental; component.
That which constitutes or composes, as a part, or an essential part; a component; an element.
In general, an element of a larger grouping. In advanced composites, the principal constituents are the fibers and the matrix.
Belonging to the defined or delegated constituency of an organisation or body referred to in the NSB and ETQA regulations
semantic feature. There are two types of constituent, semes and primitives.
A chemical species present in a mixture.
A micrographically distinguishable part of an alloy or mixture.
A chemical or biological substance in water, sediment, or biota that can be measured by an analytical method.
In the context of steel microstructure, a constituent is a portion of the steel structure with distinct properties.
constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)
Someone who is involved with or affected by the organization at any level, including those who live in the community served, clients of the agency's services, volunteers, staff, and current donors.
An individual or non-person entity whose Banner record includes one or more donor categories.
A portion of a Dylan program; either a definition, a local declaration, or an expression.
Any individual interested in or affected by fishery recovery and management decisions. Constituents include the general public, consumptive and non-consumptive resource users, and members of the scientific community.
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a part of at least one and at most one ensemble
A party to a transaction; a corporation involved in a merger, consolidation or share exchange. See also: Consolidation
A person or entity that patronizes, supports, or offers representation.
The person or thing which constitutes, determines, or constructs.
The constituent of a term is the identifier of that from which it has been constructed by refinement.