Definitions for "Consolidator"
Keywords:  airline, ticket, bulk, unsold, discount
A person or company that forms groups to travel on air charters or at group fares on scheduled flights. Consolidators help to increase sales, earn override commissions or reduce the possibility of tour cancellations.
An individual or a company who negotiates bulk contracts with a carrier in order to sell the space to the general public or a travel agency, usually at a discount.
a company that buys up blocks of cabins from the cruise line at a discount
Keywords:  shippers, cargo, fcl, carload, consular
A person or firm performing a consolidation service for others. The consolidator takes advantage of lower full carload (FCL) rates, and savings are passed on to shippers.
Company issuing bills of lading (see Bill of lading) for the carriage of cargo on vessels or aircraft.
The person or firm that consolidates (combines) cargo from a number of shippers into a container that will deliver the goods to several buyers.
Keywords:  freight, shipment, tender, carload, fro
An entity that provides service also provided by an air carrier, independent from that carrier, and derives income from package consolidation of others for tender to an air carrier. An Air Freight Forwarder also performs these functions.
An enterprise that provides services to group shipments, orders, and/or goods to facilitate movement.
a travel agent who provides a consolidated or concentrated volume of passengers to an air carrier
Keywords:  bsps, billers, bill, asps, presentment
A company that provides consolidation services.
A bill service provider (BSP) that consolidates bills from other BSPs or billers and delivers them for presentment to the customer service provider. Also referred to as a Bill Consolidator.
Consolidator provides electronic bill payment of presentment. Internet banking ASPs and financial websites contract with them to allow all their customers to receive and pay bills online.
Keywords:  eipp, model, sellers, single, buyers
An EIPP model connecting many buyers and many sellers through a single site.