Definitions for "Console"
A bracket whose projection is not more than half its height.
Any small bracket; also, a console table.
a home entertainment device such as a television, radio, phonograph, CD player, or combination of these, designed as a piece of furniture, to stand on the floor rather than on a table or in a separate cabinet; -- also used attributively in the phrase console model.
Console is a Windows console window enhancement. Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles
The keyboard and monitor of a computer considered together.
the desklike controlling unit of an organ containing the keyboard, pedals, stops, etc. by means of which the organ is played.
A generic term for a video game system.
A dedicated video games machine such as the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlaysSation
popupid: console](Engine) A text based method of communication between the player and the Half-Life engine. If the console is enabled, it can be accessed in the game by pressing the tilde key (~).
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In VisualAge for Java, the window that acts as the standard input ( and standard output ( System.out) device for programs running in the VisualAge for Java environment.
see mixer
A larger audio mixer with several input and output channels. Also known as a board.
AKA "Popup Consoles" - Consoles are scripts that can cause a variety of effects when a surfer shows up at or tries to leave (depending on the console) a page with a console in the HTML code. Generally a single popup window is just referred to as a "popup" and the term "console" is reserved for consoles that either pop up many windows or have some other effect such as stealing the surfer's back button, forcing the browser to full screen so the surfer can't close the window, or many other things. Consoles are about the most aggressive advertising method currently available, and often tend to piss off surfers. That said, they're still a valid way to increase sales...which is why the standard tours of most paysites have consoles.
(a.k.a. command prompt, command line) A field at the bottom of the Unreal Editor that allows one to enter console commands in the editor. For more on the Console, see the Unreal Ed Interface document.
Linux users need an account to log in and use the operating system. The main way of using the system is the access the console. (Window-style systems often use graphical interfaces to 'hide' the console, but are in fact merely posing as a shortcut for it.) Using textual commands, you can carry out any complex tasks on a Linux system via the console. Networking, drivers, local tasks etc. can all be handled here, but it can prove complex. A decent grasp of the console is required for anyone who's serious about using Linux. Your distribution documentation may tell you where to find information on how to access the console. Absolute beginners should start here:, while slightly more advanced users should read this site:
The host environment for a client. Well-known examples are Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and HP OpenView.
A framework for hosting administrative tools in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). A console is defined by the items in its console tree, which might include folders or other containers, World Wide Web pages, and other administrative items. A console has windows that can provide views of the console tree, and the administrative properties, services, and events that are acted on by the items in the console tree.
a small vertical piano that is a few inches taller than a spinet
A vertical, or upright, piano 40" to 42" in height.
housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television
Console is an electronic music project by Martin Gretschmann, the lead programmer for German band Notwist. Relying heavily on elements of electronic music, Console is reminiscent of some electro bands, such as Ladytron and Miss Kittin.
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The controlling portion of an electrical, electronic, or mechanical device or system, from which the operator may observe the state of the system as indicated by gauges or on some form of display{n3}, and may direct or control the action of the system.
A device used for communication between the operator and the computer. The operator's console deals with operations and usually includes display panels, printer, and computer.
The "control panel" of a treadmill. This is where the display, buttons, and controls are located.
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crtdll crypt curses cursor
The panel in front of the containing the instruments used when flying
A console is characterized by the ability to hold various articles such as food and beverage containers, notepads, pens and other similar items, particularly in a substantial horizontal position. This is a unit found between the front driver and passenger seat that contains the automatic transmission shifter, cupholders and a storage compartment.
The program that interfaces to the Director allowing the user or system administrator to control Bacula.
Graphical user interface (GUI) that provides menus, toolbars, launch palettes, and the framework to allow access to Oracle tools, plus utilities available through other vendors.
The user interface to a reporting/analysis package that allows you to control the elements you're polling, rate of polling, and frequency of reporting.
To cheer in distress or depression; to alleviate the grief and raise the spirits of; to relieve; to comfort; to soothe.
See VMware Virtual Machine Console.
One of nine virtual screens on the desktop. Also called a workspace.
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CONSOLE_LIB CONSOLE_NAME These are used to manage the Amiga console library . See :LIBRARY .
a different kind of experience and, oh greedy me, I want some of that too
a way to enter information manually, if you wanted a basic definition
An area from where operators control the rest of the facility.
The primary RemoteScope program from which Clients are controlled. Also, the workstation on which it is installed.
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A moviola with one picture head and two sound heads. Often a second sound head is attached onto a regular moviola. This attachment is called an "add-a-plate."
Consonance Constant Directivity
The Console application lets you see technical messages from the Mac OS X system software and Mac OS X applications. If you are programming or troubleshooting a problem, these messages may be useful.
See Administration System and System Manager.
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Console machine models are standalone devices and do not require a stand.
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give moral or emotional strength to
What one does to a "down" computer.
5A device through which an operator communicates with the computer.
The operator's station of a server, network devices and mainframe computers.
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a matrix of fixed-size cells
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On-Demand Audio Voice Track
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See Local console and Remote console.
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a mode you have to call up with a special key or key-combination