Definitions for "CONNOISSEUR"
One well versed in any subject; a skillful or knowing person; a critical judge of any art, particulary of one of the fine arts.
An expert able to appreciate in field of fine arts.
A person, amateur or professional, who through experience, has become highly sensitive to beauty in art. One who professes to well versed in the fine arts.
A word you should never use around a Winegeek. If he or she is a gentle Winegeek they will merely flinch, then softly remind you to call them either simply 'Winegeek' or 'Oenophilic-American,' but calling a brittle, testy Winegeek this offensive moniker can get you a bad look at the business end of a Screwpull.
A specialist who knows everything about something and nothing about anything else. An old wine-bibber having been smashed in a railway collision, some wine was pouted on his lips to revive him. "Pauillac, 1873," he murmured and died.