Definitions for "Connection"
a first order differential operator that generalizes the notion of directional derivative to tensor fields or, more generally, to sections of vector bundles
a line between two graphical objects that automatically updates on geometry, device and displayed-status changes to either of the connected graphicals
an equivariant way of relating nearby fibers in a fiber bundle, and curvature is the holonomy about an infinitesimal loop in a bundle
Communication pathway between a user process and an Oracle instance. See Also: session, user process
The software link between a workstation and a shared resource on a server. A connection can be made from the workstation by assigning a local devicename to a resource shared on a server. A connection also can be made when the resource is accessed by using a network path from a command-line command or an application.
1) An active connection to an MQ message server. This can be a queue connection or a topic connection. 2) A factory for sessions that use the connection underlying MQ message server for producing and consuming messages.
a vehicle in which one may continue a journey after debarking from another vehicle; the departing vehicle of a connection{9}; as, my connection leaves four hours after my arrival; I missed my connection.
the scheduled arrival of one vehicle and departure of a second, sufficiently close in time and place to allow the departing vehicle serve as a means of continuing a journey begun or continued in the first vehicle; as, we can get a connection at Newark to continue on to Paris; -- most commonly used of airplanes, trains, and buses arriving and departing at the same terminal.
the transfer of a passenger from one vehicle to another to continue a journey; as, the connection was made in Copenhagen; -- most commonly of scheduled transportation on common carriers.
(usually plural) an acquaintance or acquaintances who are influential or in a position of power and to whom you are connected in some way (as by family or friendship); as, he has powerful connections.
(usually plural) a person who is influential and to whom you are connected in some way (as by family or friendship); "he has powerful connections"
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The link between two nodes in a script or between a node and a routing target set. Connections show the flow of control between objects in the script. Within the Script Editor, a connection is represented as a line segment.
A connection is a link from a client to a server where information is exchange between the two. The link is created when the user logs on to the server from the client. The link is removed when the user logs off the server.
A database connection is a communication link with a database or other data source.
any relationship between things or events; association; alliance; as, a causal connection between interest rates and stock prices.
The persons or things that are connected; as, a business connection; the Methodist connection.
a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it); "there was a connection between eating that pickle and having that nightmare"
From Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 ( 1999-06-15) A transport layer virtual circuit established between two programs for the purpose of communication.
(1) In data communication, an association established between functional units for conveying information.(2) In TCP/IP, the path between two protocol applications that provides reliable data stream delivery service. In the Internet, a connection extends from a TCP application on one system to a TCP application on another system.(3) In system communications, a line over which data can be passed between two systems or between a system and a device.
Established path for exchanging information.
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That which connects or joins together; bond; tie.
n: 1. a section of pipe or fitting used to join pipe to pipe or to a vessel. 2. a place in electrical circuits where wires join. 3. the action of adding a joint of pipe to the drill stem as drilling progresses.
(US ‘connexion’) 1) Joining or linking to make an electrical contact to, or circuit with, the conductive pattern. 2) One leg of a net. Also called a ‘pin pair.
Connects an input terminus to an output terminus. The input and output terminuses can have the same or different buses and streams.
an input and an output stream
an object modeling a resource by which two independent unidirectional media streams, and optionally any associated network signaling traffic, can be controlled by a CCXML session
The act of connecting, or the state of being connected; the act or process of bringing two things into contact; junction; union; as, the connection between church and state is inescapable; the connection of pipes of different diameters requires an adapter.
this is a topologic propriety of the elements of a GIS, represented by the condivision of a junction between two archs.
The pipe which runs from the gas main and ends at the customer’s gas meter or meter valve.
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Connection is a popular single released by the britpop group Elastica. It was originally released in 1994 as a single and the album version was not released until 1995 on the self-titled debut. It is best known as the theme tune to the UK television programme Trigger Happy TV.
"Connection" is a song by the British rock and roll band The Rolling Stones. It was featured on their 1967 album Between the Buttons. It was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (but mostly Richards) and featured vocals by both of them and is said to be about the long hours the band spent in airports.
a factually correct statement that was made to Libby, and it shows Libby "is simply confused about whether Mr
a very vague legal standard, which could cover numerous factual circumstances
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To exchange data with another endpoint or with an extension, the endpoint must connect to the broker.!-- if (navigator.appName=="Netscape") { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' height='14' width='687' border='0'");} else { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' style='border-style: none; height: 14px; float: none; width: 687px;' height='14' width='687' border='0'");
an association between endpoints over which data is transmitted
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a communications channel; as, my cell phone had a bad connection.
A formal, explicit relationship among parts. Connections define the way parts communicate with each other. See custom logic connection.
For your computer to communicate with another one it needs a connection - just like you need a telephone connection to talk to someone on their phone.
relation between two sememes that belong to two different generic isotopies.
A particular kind of process that requires two signals in a tuple to be identical.
Where two panels are attached to each other or a panel is attached to the building.
Your computer connects to the Mesh Broadband Network via the wireless Subscriber Unit (SU) supplied by Mesh Broadband. This has nothing to do with your telephone line, so you can be accessing the Internet and be on the telephone at the same time.
You need a connection to access the Internet. The connection is usually made through a modem or Broadband service.
Your computer connects to Supanet over the telephone line in order to gain access to the internet.
A flow from a source to a destination and from the destination back to the source.
A flight that requires a passenger to change planes before arriving at the destination.
For Pay Monthly Customers means: the procedure by which we give you access to 3 Services. ‘Connect', ‘Connecting', and ‘re-Connection' have corresponding meanings. For ThreePay Customers means: the procedure by which we give you access to 3 Services following our acceptance of your application to activate individual ThreePay Vouchers. ‘Connected', ‘Connecting', and ‘re-Connection' have corresponding meanings.
The process of giving you access to a Service. Disconnection and Re-connection have a corresponding meaning.
For purposes of access management, any driveway, street, turnout, sidewalk or other means of providing for the movement of vehicles, pedestrians or bicycles to or from the public roadway system.
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A term previously used within SCT to refer to a specific integration solution with third party vendors. SCT had initial \"connections\" with WebCT and Blackboard.
a global initiative of the International Youth Foundation and Nokia
(Aka) Shadowy form; invisible connecting thread or cord; an invisible double.
A kernel object used with message passing. Connections are created by client threads to "connect" to the channels made available by servers. Once connections are established, clients can MsgSendv() messages over them. If a number of threads in a process all attach to the same channel, then the one connection is shared among all the threads. Channels and connections are identified within a process by a small integer. The key thing to note is that connections and file descriptors ( FD) are one and the same object. See also channel and FD.
Threaded assembly of tubular components.
The initialization that occurs in a distributed system when a client determines the location of the dataset server and issues a request for a data exchange. The server examines the request and determines its validity; if the request is valid, the connection is opened and the client is authorized to begin its transaction.
Understood here as the connection between a chat user's computer running the chat applet and the (virtual) chat server; the number of connections equals the number of chatters at a given time.
A connection is a group of settings, including server name, used to connect to your calendar server.
a beautiful sanctuary offering a variety of classes in Yoga, Pilates Mat Exercise, Body Sculpting,and Meditation
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an intuitive leap
An object (of class Connection ) that represents a connection between an application and a federated database.
See Database Object.
a predefined remote data source that has been stored in a Visual FoxPro database
A relation; esp. a person connected with another by marriage rather than by blood; -- used in a loose and indefinite, and sometimes a comprehensive, sense.
The means by which data are transferred from one process to another process or data space. Possible connections types are: network, serial, or shared memory. A connection is created by a connector.
In a native Omnis datafile, a means of relating records from one File to those of another independent of the data. "Strictly relational" databases must rely on the data in a "key" field to establish relationships.
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something that connects other objects.
A graphical relationship that exists between objects on a workspace. See also relation and stub.
a nice and generic type of state though that I think I'd like to have provided to me by pooled objects in the future
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The combination of a Network Access Module (NAM) on the wall and a port in the closet make up a UCDNet2 connection.
a driver/load pin combination, which is connected by a signal
Connection is similar to the concept of support, except that connection refers to a relationship between members in a structural model. A connection restrains degrees of freedom of one member with respect to another. For each restrained degree of freedom, there is a corresponding force transferred from one member to the other; forces associated with unrestrained degrees of freedom are zero. See fixed connection and pin connection.
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a weeklong program that is almost like boot camp
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a firmware patch
Connection places a caller on hold and notifies you via e-mail that someone is waiting to speak with you. Your Connection notification will display the code 60, followed by the caller ID of the person waiting on hold. A sample display would be 60*2065551212. Callers may remain on hold for up to 3 minutes, 55 seconds. After this time elapses, they are automatically transferred to voicemail.
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a great place to find fun and unique IKEA accessories to suit your home decor
a vendor who can supply desired materials at a favorable price, or under conditions when other sources are unavailable; as, to get a bargain from one's connection in the jewelry trade; to have connections for the purchase of marijuana; -- often used in the pl..
a supplier (especially of narcotics)
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making an illicit drug purchase
a pair of atomic formulas with the same predicate symbol but different polarities
A particular instance of a driver and data source.
a definition that specifies the name of a data source
a requirement of a reliable data delivery service
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an interactive system on the Internet that gives approved HUD/FHA lenders real-time access to several HUD/FHA systems for the purpose of originating loans
an online system that allows authorized lenders and FHA business partners to access FHA computer systems to originate loans
a very important tool in the FHA loan process and
an e-mail newsletter that provides updates on events in aging, research and policy developments, innovative practices and more
a point at which power is applied from an external source to the rail
a prescription for moving vectors based at one point of a space to another point
The arrangement of cells in a battery configured by connecting the positive terminal of each successive cell to the negative terminal of the next adjacent cell so that their voltages are cumulative. See Parallel Connection.
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The actual contact with another computer.
a contact and the ability to use the name of someone who knows the contact
the contact between leader and follower which allows both of them to feel each others' weight changes as they step.
the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination.
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a little slower speed
an Oceanic Authorized Pro Dealer Oceanic distributes its products, services and technical support solely through its worldwide network of Authorized Pro Dealers
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a ribbon connected to the board, and is removable
a person who serves as channel through which you could not only make sales, but may also refer you to other clients and/or opportunities
a single channel through which sql commands can be sent and values returned
a mechanism that protocols use to avoid having to transmit the identity of the sending socket with each packet of data
a temporary allocation of resources that enables a call to be completed
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Refers to being online. Connection speeds vary according to the modem and type of connection.
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a definite plus
A logical association between a call participant (party) and a switch. A party's connection represents that party's participation in a telephone call.
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The bond between the consumer and the brand.
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a loan to a company or an agency of state, that decides to behind pay it in a type of fixed interest on a period of the fixed time
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A three-phase winding connection in which the phases are connected in series to form a closed circuit.
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a written promise to behind pay to a specific amount of money in a certain date or dates in the future
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A series of connected, like, base units to form a chain
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a connecting shape
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a high energy bond