Definitions for "Conjunction"
The meeting of two or more stars or planets in the same degree of the zodiac; as, the conjunction of the moon with the sun, or of Jupiter and Saturn. See the Note under Aspect, n., 6.
The aspect formed when two planets occupy position close together in the zodiac.
The position of two celestial bodies (very often one of them being the Sun) when they have the same celestial longitude (right ascension) when viewed from Earth.
The act of conjoining, or the state of being conjoined, united, or associated; union; association; league.
A connective or connecting word; an indeclinable word which serves to join together sentences, clauses of a sentence, or words; as, and, but, if.
a word which joins words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence eg: tea or coffee up hill and down dale He eats here because he likes my food.
An "and" statement, e.g. "Berkeley is in California and Reno is in Nevada." See also conjunct.
C&P page: 121 Definition: A statement of the "and" form that links two other statements.
If P and Q are two propositions, then P * Q is true if and only if both P and Q are true. P * Q is called the conjunction of P and Q.
Term used to describe any mixture, union or mixing of substances; specifically, the moment of their union. Alchemical: often represented as marriage; copulation; the union of male and female, brother and sister, or king and queen. The resultant product is often depicted as an androgyne, which may also represent the moment of conjunction or union.
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Any WFF of the form (α&β).
An aspect, it is usually a helpful energy. It creates self-nurturing, inner strength and ambition. It also can create intensity, stress and confusion.
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Present perfect tense
a group combat maneuver which is executed by multiple members of a Fellowship
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The boolean "and" function.
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The mucous membrane lining the eyelids and the front of the eye.
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An agreement between agents, whereby the agreed fee is split between the listing and selling agent.The split usually favours the listing agent.
a category of domain relation s among adjacent elements that are components of a larger textual element.
A large purchase of broadcast media time in dollar terms, usually extending to a 52-week period. It is designed to enable short- term advertisers to participate in top-rated shows and receive the discounts normally available only with a 52-week purchase.