Definitions for "conforming"
adhering to established customs or doctrines, especially in religion, as e.g. Orthodox Judaism.
The current conforming loan limit is $333,700 and below.
A limit set each year based on average housing prices. These limits are adhered to throughout most of the industry and offer the very best interest rates available.
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adj. 1. Refers to an implementation (a compiler or other language processor) which will accept any strictly conforming (q.v.) program. 2. Refers to a program which is acceptable to a conforming implementation. (See ANSI Sec. 1.7 or ISO Sec. 4.)
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the cutting of the OCN to match the final cut of a film.
Complying with the requirements of a certain statute, by-law or organization
Indicates if a subject property is similar or not similar to other properties in the neighborhood.
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See A and B rolling.
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Having the same form or shape.