Definitions for "Conflict resolution"
The resolution of potential conflicts between IFR/VFR and VFR/VFR aircraft that are radar-identified and in communication with ATC. Fr: résolution de conflit
A Forge term for a resolution mechanic which depends on the abstract higher-level conflict, rather than on the component tasks within that conflict. For example, one might roll to get past a guard -- regardless of whether you bluff, sneak, or fight your way past him. When using this technique, inanimate objects may be considered to have "interests" at odds with the character, if necessary. Contrast with Task Resolution.
has come to be understood as an umbrella term that refers to several distinct interventions which all aim to help people find peaceful or non-violent responses to conflict and potentially resolving disputes and addressing underlying drivers of violence. These include: Conflict Prevention: stopping or averting the occurrence of violence or other destructive responses to conflict through activities intended to address conflictual issues or relations in a society. Conflict Management: building the ability of people to work together cooperatively to deal with their conflicts. Conflict management and mitigation is a term that refers to attempts to contain or lessen the impact of violent conflict. Conflict Transformation: changing the underlying systems/institutions, attitudes and relationships that underlie violence and building new systems/ institutions, attitudes and relationships that promote constructive methods for dealing with conflict.
The act of arbitrating differences of belief or opinion about a given set of conditions or circumstances.
Describes the rules used to arbitrate on data conflicts caused by changes made at one data location conflicting with changes made at another data location.
Reconciling opposing perspectives, stories, or experiences and deciding on a response that promotes and protects the human rights of all parties concerned.