Definitions for "Conflict Management"
the ability to manage conflict creatively and effectively.
This phrase refers to the long-term management of intractable conflicts and the people involved in them, so that they do not escalate out of control and become violent.
Handling of conflict s between project participants or group s in order to create optimal project results. [D00285] NPMT The ability to manage conflict effective ly. [D00283] WST The process by which the project manager uses appropriate manager ial technique s to deal with the inevitable disagreements, both technical and personal in nature, that develop among those work ing toward project accomplishment. [D00284] PMK87 The art of managing conflict creatively and product ively. This art channels these conflict s so that the result is positive and preferably synergistic, rather than destructive. [D03430] CRMP The art of managing conflict effective ly. Nearly all project s encounter conflict. It occurs at all levels largely because there are so many different part ies work ing together each with their own aims. Also, people come together who often barely know each other and yet are asked to work together under pressure. The art of conflict management is to channel conflicts so that the result is positive rather than destructive. [D03815] PNG
A philosophy and set of skills designed to assist people in better understanding and dealing with conflict as it arises in all aspects of our lives.