Definitions for "Confirmed"
One way to reduce the risk of your transaction is to request that your letter of credit is 'confirmed'. This means that a bank, usually the advising bank adds its own undertaking to pay,accept or negotiate to that of the issuing bank. The confirming bank therefore removes the risk of non payment by the issuing bank and other risks associated with the country of the issuing bank.
An L/C guaranteed by both the issuing and advising banks of payment so long as seller's documents are in order, and the L/C terms are met. Only applied to irrevocable L/C's. The confirming bank assumes the credit risk of the issuing bank.
having been established or made firm or received the rite of confirmation; "confirmed reservations"; "received confirmed reports of casualties"; "a confirmed Catholic"
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includes any student who has told us they intended to enroll, applied to attend an HOP session, or who has actually registered for classes.
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having a habit of long standing; "a chronic smoker"
of persons; not subject to change; "a confirmed bachelor"; "a confirmed invalid"
A plan of reorganization in Chapter 11, 12 or 13 approved by the court and binding on the parties is said to be confirmed.