Definitions for "Configuration file"
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A file containing commands to modify the behaviour of a program. See Dot Files.
A file, created by an application program or by the operationg system, containing configuration information specific to your own computing environment. Application program config. files may have a file-name extension of CPG or SET; Window's config. files use the INI file-name extension.
A text file used by Windows Media Encoding Script that specifies the content to be encoded and the command-line options to be invoked.
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a very awkward document
The information or data loaded into and the supervisory module that controls the behavior of an Intergy power system to suit the particular requirements of a customer's site or installation.
a series of LRS commands used to automatically configure the server
a hierarchical list of name-value pairs with ordinal types
a set of string pairs
a method of providing a predefined set of data to an application
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a list of properties