Definitions for "Configuration"
The arrangement of software-based function blocks in a controller. The configuration determines what functions the controller can perform and in what order.
(1) A general-purpose computer term referring to the way a computer is set up. (2) The total combination of hardware components-central processing unit, video display device, keyboard and peripheral devices-that make up a computer system. (3) The software settings that allow various hardware components of a computer system to communicate with one another.
The specific combination of hardware and software being utilized in a personal computer application, or the selected parameters that determine the operation of a device.
The orientation of the furnace and the direction of airflow through it. A furnace may have an upflow, downflow or crossflow (horizontal) configuration.
This describes the direction in which a furnace outputs heat. A furnace may have an upflow, downflow or crossflow (horizontal) configuration.
In the context of stereochemistry, the term is restricted to the arrangements of atoms of a molecular entity in space that distinguishes stereoisomers, the isomerism between which is not due to conformational differences.
for an interferometer telescope, a arrangement of the antennas. For instance, the BIMA Array has three standard arrangements for its six movable antennas: a compact configuration (with the antennas close together), an intermediate configuration, and an extended configuration (with the antennas spread far apart from each other). The compact configuration gives the lowest resolution, and the extended configuration gives the highest. (See also text in Baselines.)
the way something is arranged in parts With that configuration and structure, the robot could carry out a variety of task configurative (adj)
a collection of deployed GBeans
a collection of repository object versions that are related in some way that is significant to an application
a collection of rules that can be saved and loaded for later use
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A fully internationalized Java API for configuration information, enabling clients to access configuration information from the file system and centralized storage, in a configurable, flexible fashion.
A small set of APIs that define the basic functionality that a class of device is expected to support. Configurations are not used alone, but instead provide a foundation that profiles are built on.
The combination of package or class editions that make up a particular edition of a project or package, respectively. Project and package configurations are updated when a package or class is created, released, or deleted.
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Relative position or aspect of the planets; the face of the horoscope, according to the relative positions of the planets at any time.
(of the planets) the positions of the planets relative to the Earth-Sun line (see also elongation).
An aspect involving three or more planets.
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a freemarker
A combination of products and/or services specified in Chapter 3 of this RFT and for which the Library is seeking offers including detailed descriptions and full costing information
Is often contrasted with interpretation, the major activity in understanding narrative, by the ludologists. Configurative practice considers the dominant user function in games should be, according to Eskelinen, the "gaming situation as a combination of ends, means, rules, equipment, and manipulative action."
(1) The performance, functional, and physical attributes of an existing or planned product, or a combination of products. (2) One of a series of sequentially created variations of a product.
a multiset of objects and messages that represents (a snapshot of) a possible system state
A snapshot containing all artifacts in a code line.
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The selected parameters that determine the operating characteristics of an electronic device.
(n.) A particular selection of the types of processes that could make up a parallel program. Configuration is trivial in the SPMD model, in which every processor runs a single identical process, but can be complicated in the general MIMD case, particularly if user-level processes rely on libraries that may themselves require extra processes. See also mapping.
a doddle, select the mode and then enter your own username and password as supplied by your ISP
Configuration is a process associated with handling user-level requests to the sysconfig utility to dynamically configure, unconfigure, query, and reconfigure devices. The cfgmgr framework calls the driver's configure interface as a result of these sysconfig utility requests. The cfgmgr framework also calls the driver's configure interface as a result of static configuration requests. Thus, the driver's configure interface cooperates with the cfgmgr framework to statically configure and to dynamically configure, unconfigure, query, and reconfigure devices. See also cfgmgr framework.
Pressure Washers fall into one of two configurations; Horizontal Shaft or Vertical Shaft. Vertical Shaft units are designed to use the same type of engine as a lawnmower and thus are designed for homeowners due to the smaller engine sizes and small storage footprints. Horizontal shaft models have traditional been the mainstay of commercial and professional users and feature higher horsepower and performance ratings.
The file that configures Stronghold's Makefile. It contains the parameters used to compile the server.
In SysMaster, a compilation of logically grouped SysMaster parameters and objects, that are stored separately and define the all or a part of the aspects of SysMaster operation. The action of SysMaster depends on all configurations that are activated at a given time.
The overall design structure of a list. Attributes such as open or closed, public or private, moderated or unmoderated, describe a lists configuration. Lists which run under majordomo allow the list owner to change the lists configuration.
The overall design and shape of a flag, i.e., rectangular, square, triangular, or pennant.
a collection of blocks and XSL stylesheets associated with a template
an object that stores your common (application level) settings and defines certain variables that you want to be available in all templates
a template for an actual event
Refers to the technical specifications of the computer to be used for the digital signage application. These specifications typically include processor speed, the amount of RAM, hard drive space, and the type of video card in the machine.
functional and physical characteristics of a product as defined in technical documents and achieved in the product. Note: in a project this should contain all items that can be identified as being relevant to the project and that should only be modified after authorisation by the relevant manager (This includes documentation).
A Configuration is the complete technical description required to build, test, accept, install, operate, maintain and support a system. It includes all documentation pertaining to the system as well as the system itself.
The combination of long-distance services and/or equipment that make up a communications system.
The interconnection and programming of independent machines or equipment to operate as a system.
See system configuration.
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See portlet configuration.
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This term is used to identify the auger planogram.
an integral part of EZSetup specifications and encourage vendors to integrate this approach into their own products
Do you have access to system configuration options? Can you control and modify configuration, or does this require vendor services? If services are required, what is the cost and response time
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The process of establishing your own preferred setup for an application program or computer system. Configuration information is usually stored in a configuration file so that it can be loaded automatically next time you start your computer.
Here: Configure a program for his own needs. You can do that with the setup or a configuration file.
any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); "he could barely make out their shapes through the smoke"
Configuration refers to the shape or outline of the skin lesions. Skin lesions are often grouped together. The pattern or shape may help in diagnosis as many skin conditions have characteristic configuration.
Configuration (environment) When you are designing and creating (configuring) your Runtime Citect application.
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The extent of the area in which terminal beard hairs grow. This typically includes the cheeks, the chin, the area surrounding the lips, and portions of the neck.
An assignment of values to all of the variables of the SUT, including the program counter.
The internally stored file that controls the FPGA so that it performs the desired logic function. Also: The act of loading an FPGA with that file.
refers to where each activity in the value chain is performed. [Source: M. Porter] [Also see related topic: Coordination.
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See instance configuration and item configuration.
Configurations are used to model relations between instances of entities and agents. Configurations are sometimes referred to as structural relations.
a named set of concept instance versions, with the special property that each concept instance will be represented by at most one concept instance version
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Any group of CIs that need to be controlled in order to deliver IT services.
related chemical structure produced by the making and breaking of primary valence bonds.
an enumeration of the values of n and l for all electrons of an atom
Form, as depending on the relative disposition of the parts of a thing; shape; figure.
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See backup configuration.
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The visual shape or form of words; may be used as a cue in word-attack skills.
a triple whose first element is either a program or expression to be evaluated, or a value to be passed to the continuation
an object that knows how to create and configure a service in the nucleus hierarchy
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a solution if it is complete and valid
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The phase in which the LE client discovers the LE Service.
The process by which data is entered into a merchant terminal so as to 'personalise' it to the merchant's particular requirements.
A declaration that changes the default behavior of items.
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See Virtual machine configuration file.
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a state for each process