Definitions for "Conferencing"
Audio, video, audiographic and computer conferencing.
Many-to-many communication among Jabber Users (contrast with Messaging, which is one-to-one). There are several different kinds of conferencing (not all implemented as yet), including text conferencing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing.
Conferencing services enable collaboration among members of the university community. Much of the work being done to deliver conferencing services focuses on providing alternatives for academic collaboration. As this service develops, the university will benefit from whiteboard conferencing and desktop video conferencing capabilities. In addition to exchanging messages, faculty, staff, and students will collaborate with colleagues and workgroups on campus and at other universities. Computer based "white board" facilities will provide group audio/graphic conferencing, and videoconferencing will remove the geographic barriers between campuses and other remote sites.
A prearranged, synchronous, formal meeting for exchange of information or discussion
Teacher holds conferences with individual students to discuss literary issues while others work independently or in small groups.
A live, online discussion. See IRC
Joining together different participants into a voice or data conference. A feature of the Covad Dashboard.
The joining together of more than two telephone users in a single call. Typically a call will be established between two persons, one will then hold the call, call a third party and then press a button to join all three parties in one call.
The Teligent Conferencing system can be utilised in any network, fixed or mobile, to set up conferences for both incoming and outgoing calls. Through the Conferencing system operators and/or service providers can offer to their customers the ability to set up a conference at any time, via the web or from any phone.
is a term used to describe the activities of a group of people who are communicating, via electronic means, about a particular subject.
A group-wide online communication process, conducted either via the Internet or an organizational intranet. Conference participants can view online presentations, communicate with each other via chat software or interact one-on-one with audio software and microphones.
Connecting 3 or more people into one phone conversation whether inside or outside the system. When purchasing a system, it is important to determine how many conferences can be ongoing simultaneously. GO TO TOP OF PAGE
Connecting three or more people in a single phone conversation.
Connecting 3 or more people into one phone conversation whether inside or outside the system. Different phone systems can handle a different quantity of simultaneous conference calls.
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Allows up to 3 parties to hear and speak to each other. This service is currently only available to corporate VPN customers.
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