Definitions for "Conference Report"
If both the House and the Senate pass a different version of the same bill, a conference committee is established to work out the differences between the two versions. The agreement reached within the committee is published in a conference report, and issued to both the House and the Senate. The legislation goes back to both chambers for a vote. It cannot be ammended at this point. If it is not approved by both, it must go back to the conference committee.
Refers to the final version of a bill proposed by House and Senate conferees. Related definitions: Conference Committee
A report generated by the Conference Committee upon reaching satisfactory compromise or agreement.
papers generated at or for a conference; may include minutes, transcripts, papers, and presentations
May include minutes, transcripts, papers, and presentations generated at or for a conference.
At 5MetaCom, a written summary of discussions and activities from an agency/client meeting.
A paper written for presentation at a conference. Most conference reports do not meet the definition of valid publication. A well-written conference report can and should be short; experimental detail and literature citation should be kept to a minimum.
In the context of biological, agricultural, and natural resources conservation, a document issued by a Federal agency, bureau, or service and/or the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) as a result of the conference process that includes conclusions and advisory recommendations.