Definitions for "Cone "
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Anything shaped more or less like a mathematical cone; as, a volcanic cone, a collection of scoriæ around the crater of a volcano, usually heaped up in a conical form.
The fruit or strobile of the Coniferæ, as of the pine, fir, cedar, and cypress. It is composed of woody scales, each one of which has one or two seeds at its base.
A shell of the genus Conus, having a conical form.
one of the two photoreceptors in the vertebrate eye that detects color during the day.
Light-sensitive retinal photoreceptor cell that provides sharp visual acuity and color discrimination.
The light-sensing structure on the retina of the eye capable of detecting colour.
A solid of the form described by the revolution of a right-angled triangle about one of the sides adjacent to the right angle; -- called also a right cone. More generally, any solid having a vertical point and bounded by a surface which is described by a straight line always passing through that vertical point; a solid having a circle for its base and tapering to a point or vertex.
To render cone-shaped; to bevfl like whe circwlar segoent of a cone; as, to cone the tires of car wheels.
A package of thread, usually a plastic tube, capable of holding thousands of yards of thread for industrial sewing. Thread is wound onto cones in an x-shaped pattern for easy release.
Originally, cones forms were made of the glaze the potter was using. These cones were set insde the kiln in front of a peep hole. As the temperature of the kiln rose, the cone would melt in front of the peep hole telling, the potter it had reached the right temperature. Unfortunitly, it was unreliable and inconsistant. Then potters varied the glzae mixture to be just above or just below the right temperature. Setting three cones in a row by a peep hole, the potter could predict just when to stop stoking the fire. Modern potters buy accurately formulated cones compounded to melt at specific tempertures. Firing consistantly is an art that relies on science and experience.
thin, tapered length of molded ceramic materials formulated to melt at a prescribed temperature providing an indication of temperature inside the kiln. Also the temperature of firing for a specific process or clay body, ranging from cone 022 (low) to cone 12 (high).
Small conical object made of compressed graduated glaze materials with a known melting point, used to indicate temperature reached in a kiln at a given point.
Typically 7" long, 3" dia., with handle, Paoli $30. Wood or graphite, for opening glass shapes and providing a variable sized round tool for working the glass.
a series of infinitesimally thin disks of varying radius
Generic term used to describe the process of using a special tool to "countersink" or "radius" the inside of a hosel in order to help provide a measure of protection, particularly for a graphite shaft.
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a polyhedron
See Fountain.
A type of fountain that contain pyrotechnic composition at the top of the cone, with a fuse out of the top. Produce a small fountain like effect.
Physiographic form of sediment deposit washed from a gorge channel onto an open plain;a debris cone, also called an alluvial fan.
Cone is a text-based email client. It seamlessly handles multiple POP3 and IMAP accounts and local mail folders. It is also a simple newsreader. It is designed to be foolproof enough to be used by inexperienced users, but also offers advanced features for power users.
On a percussion firearm, the tube on the end of which is placed the cap containing fulminate or other priming compound. When the hammer strikes the cap on the cone the resultant detonation sends a flash through the tube to ignite the charge. Also called a nipple.
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Morphological Temporal
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see strobilus
A diagrammatic convenience to represent the gyre that becomes a virtual synonym for gyre.
The section between the top of a manhole wall and chimney or the frame. The diameter of the manhole is reduced over the cone section to receive the frame. The cone section may be concentric or eccentric.
In linear algebra, a (linear) cone is a subset of a vector space that is closed under multiplication by positive scalars.
A device into which cannabis is packed, used together with a bong.
In category theory, a branch of mathematics, the cone of a functor is an abstract notion used to define the limit of that functor. Cones make other appearances in category theory as well.
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French: Marijuana
Control Enviroment See also: control environment
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Impairment Sphincters
Necklace terminator or beading finding used to bring multiple strands together at one point to attach a clasp or be part of the design.
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cone of lava/ash is built up over a number of eruptions
The part of the hop plant used in brewing, consisting of the flowers.
The more luminous part of a flame, which is adjacent to the nozzle orifice.
The part threaded on an axle that dictates the pressure on the bearing.
A tapered metal former used for stretching frames to enable the insertion of lenses.
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the sloping walls of a volcano (not all volcanoes have cones).
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A 3-D object generated by rotating a right triangle about one of its legs.
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Marker to indicate the starting spot for the race.
Placed on each corner of a container to make square and stabilise the next level of containers.
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Flat cone Thick cone Thin cone Wide cone