Definitions for "Conduit"
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a type of program installed on your desktop computer that acts as a translator for information between the handheld and a desktop or laptop computer.
A software component that ensures that the data in a PDA is consistent with the particular KDE desktop application.
a desktop plug-in (DLL or ActiveX COM component) made in a Personal Computer (PC or desktop) development environment
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A pipe, canal, channel, or passage for conveying water or fluid.
A narrow passage for private communication.
Any pipe for collecting and directing storm water.
The word essentially means “a natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed”. In the commercial mortgage industry, a conduit is the financial intermediary that lends money secured by commercial real estate – underwritten to very standardized terms in order for the loan to become part of a securitized pool of commercial loans.
An entity that serves as intermediary between the lender(s) originating loans and the ultimate investor.
the financial intermediary that sponsors the conduit between the lender(s) originating loans and the ultimate investor. The conduit makes or purchases loans from third party correspondents under standardized terms, underwriting and documents and then, when sufficient volume has been obtained, pools the loans for sale to investors in the CMBS market.
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CONduit is an annual general interest science fiction and fantasy convention held in May in Salt Lake City, Utah. CONduit was founded in 1989 but took two years to plan its first convention. CONduit is a member of the Utah Speculative Fiction Council.
"Conduit" was the fourth episode of the first season of The X-Files science-fiction television series created by Chris Carter. It dealt with alien abduction.
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conduit Leitung
Numogram complication involving prime-ordinate zygonomy. The system of conduits is quasicomplementary to that of Gates (since it maps trends to involutionary arrival in the Time-Circuit, or incursions from the outside).
a means of transferring product, service, data, ideas and inspirations
Conduit, alias Kenny Braverman, is a DC Comics supervillain who became obsessed with the idea that he was always second-rate to Clark Kent.
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Confession Of Judgment
an organization formed by employers or professional groups that can collect and send contributions from several of its members to candidates for public office
A person, group, or organization that forwards others' contributions to candidates, a legal activity under federal law. Such contributions always count against the federal contribution limit for the donors, and sometimes against the limit for the conduit as well (in cases in which the conduit exercises "direction and control").
This is a colloquial term for the Washington Health Care Facilities Authority,or other similar governmental issues that issue tax exempt bonds and loan the proceeds to private parties.
Under NASD interpretations regarding hot issues, it refers to bank, trust or similar affiliations not disclosed.
An entity which issues mortgaged-backed securities backed by mortgagees which were originated by other lenders.
An entity which issues mortgage-backed securities backed by mortgages which were originated by other lenders.
An entity that issues mortgage-backed securities supported by mortgages originated by other lenders.
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An external program, run at specific times by ColdSync, which provides a "hook" by which the user may extend ColdSync's functionality.
A channel or passageway.
a natural or artificial channel through which materials such as fluids are transported; for example, a water well
A closed channel to convey the discharge of water through or under a dam.
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a very general term maybe you should try and see if you can't find something more specialized
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a person able to pull in and redirect energy.
A structure forming a reservoir for water.