Definitions for "Concrete Block"
Keywords:  cmu, masonry, portland, hollow, brick
A hollow concrete masonry unit made from portland cement and suitable aggregates such as sand, gravely crushed stone, bituminous or anthracite cinders, burned clay or shale, pumic, volcanic scoria, air-cooled or expanded blast furnace slags, with or without the inclusion of other materials, conforming to Standard No. 24-3. UBC.
A hollow concrete masonry unit (CMU) made from portland cement, water and aggregates.
A hollow or solid unit made of concrete used in building construction.
Keywords:  hearth, tray, oven, indoor, lighter
These 8"x8"x16' blocks are easy to use and inexpensive ($1 each) for building an oven stand. For indoor installation, and builders who are looking for a faster or lighter installation method should consider a Metal Hearth Tray and stand.