Definitions for "Concentric"
Keywords:  circle, center, axis, spheres, coplanar
Having a common center, as circles of different size, one within another.
That which has a common center with something else.
Circles which have a common center
Used to describe the part of a repetition in which the muscle group works against gravity, usually contracting the muscle (such as lifting a weight). This part of a repetition is also commonly referred to as 'the positive'.
The lifting phase of an exercise, when the muscle shortens or contracts. For example, When you lift the weight in a bench press, press-ing it from your chest to the lock-out position, that's the concentric, or "positive," phase of the exercise.
The contraction of a muscle.
Sculpture which is parallel to the margin in cap shaped shells.
parallel to the outer margin; circumscribing arcs about the apex or umbone.
Keywords:  spheroidal, circular
Circular or spheroidal.
Sharing the same centre.
arranged in rings around a common centre
towards the centre
A concentric castle has a series of defences enclosing another
Keywords:  inside, walls, sets, two, one
Having two sets of walls, one inside the other.