Definitions for "computer program"
a sequence of instructions, stored in any medium, that can be interpreted and executed by a computer; -- called most frequently a program. This term is used both for the written program (a document) and for its corresponding electronic version stored or executed on the computer. See instruction; as, Version 1.0 of the program had a serious bug that caused the computer to crash frequently..
A set of instructions directing the computer to perform a task
(1) A systematic plan for the automatic solution of a problem by a computer.(2) A sequence of instructions enabling a computer to solve a problem. See also SOFTWARE.
a jigsaw puzzle and programming it is just a matter of getting the right pieces in the right places
an algorithm--a logical sequence of operations or tasks to get something done
an algorithm for manipulating binary number digits
a blueprint and its execution at the same time
a blueprint for a virtual machine
a linguistic work and a virtual machine at the same time
a complex and intricate thing
a complex automaton
an assembly of thought and imagination captured in much purer form than we can achieve with other media
a description (in a precise language) of how an input will be converted to an output
a "recipe" which the computer will use on the input data to derive the desired output data
a solution of a problem by calculation with the abstract entities of a generic data processing machine, such as input, output, processor, memory, storage and interfaces for information exchange with external systems and human users
a literary work and hence can enjoy copyright protection
a convenient way to generate target positions and depths to meet this requirement
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a series of bits, each bit representing the presence or absence of a pulse
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a tool used to help make some form of activity easier
an example of computer software that prescribes the actions that are to be carried out by a computer
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a list of commands
a list of events and functions
an SC entity which can be 'transferred' from one computer to another, and can be stored on all sorts of material supports
a procedure for altering the values of objects
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a kind of code
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a model of something in the real world