Definitions for "Computer model"
a computer-generated simulation of an object or process in the real world. For instance, architects make computer models of houses to analyze how different designs would look; climatologists create computer models of global warming to analyze its effects around the world.
A series of mathematical formulas that a computer uses to analyze information rapidly. Computer models are used to estimate what has happened or predict what might happen in the real world.
predicted outcome made by using a computer to calculate mathematical equations used estimate patterns such as weather or wind direction
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a recreation of a static scene, be it a house or a complex CAD design
a miniature representation of all relevant atmospheric processes and in addition to the chemical and physical processes it requires detailed information on the emission, deposition and transport of trace constituents
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a far cry from setting up tests with live rounds and comparing the results
a sophisticated computer that receives all the current data and outputs a forecast
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a type of description of reality
a list of instructions that tells a computer how to do something