Definitions for "Computation"
The act or process of computing; calculation; reckoning.
The process of performing arithmetical or logical operations, on data by an electronic device.
the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods
Computations can be used in all programs as a shortcut to complex conditional expressions. In HotDocs, the computation variable must resolve to a True or False value. GhostFill uses Scripts. In GhostFill, you can set a variable to the value of a script computation, and then use it in an expression, or set the expression to test the value of a script. In DealBuilder, usage statements and computations are used to handle complex conditions.
an alternating sequence of states and moves, starting with the initial state
an initial lambda expression (or two if you want to separate the function and its input) plus a finite sequence of lambda terms, each deduced from the preceding term by one application of Beta reduction
a sequence of graphs obtained by successive rewritings
a newly emerging discipline coming from the interdisciplinary fusion of computer science with molecular biology
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problem solving that involves numbers or quantities
a neat trick but has many serious problems with it
periodic, formal accounting by a monastery's leaders
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a transformation of a set of representations into another set of representations in accordance with some rule or procedure.
Physical process with states that represent states of another system and with transitions between states that amount to operations on the representations.
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The realization of a program in a computer.
The act or action of carrying out a series of operations.
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The result of computation; the amount computed.