Definitions for "COMPRESSION SET"
The elastomer changes shape when it has been exposed to too much heat. Round O-rings come out square.
The residual decrease in thickness of a test specimen measured 30 minutes or 24 hours after removal from a suitable loading device in which the specimen had been subjected for definite time to compressive deformation under specified conditions of load application and temperature.
The residual deformation of a material after removal of a compressive stress.
Compression set describes a condition whereby the wood flooring expands from moisture, but is restricted by an adjacent piece, resulting in the wood cells crushing. When this happens, the wood does not go back to its original shape when it returns to its normal moisture content.
Caused when wood strips or parquet slats absorb excess moisture and expand so much that the cells along the edges of adjoining pieces in the floor are crushed. This causes them to loose resiliency and creates cracks when the floor returns to its normal moisture content.