Definitions for "Compression Ratio"
Ratio of clearance volumes of a cylinder top and bottom dead center. Turbocharged applications usually run lower compression ratios than naturally aspirated engines. 8.0 to 9.0 is the normal range for gasoline burning engines.
The ratio of the absolute discharge pressure to the absolute inlet pressure.
When AnyZip adds files to an archive it compresses the files based on either its default values or user-specified options. Ratio indicates the extent of compression of the file in relation to its original size. Therefore, a 5 MB document, compressed to 3.5 MB will have a compression ration of 30% i.e. (5-3.5) divided by 5. The Ratio field in the AnyZip Main Window is used to indicate compression ratio of the file.
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quotient of storage amount before and after the compression
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